Winaero Tweaker

After years of development, I decided to release an all-in-one application which will include most options available in my free Winaero apps and extend it as much as possible. I would like to introduce Winaero Tweaker - universal tweaker software which supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Note: the set of available options will depend on the operating system version you are running.
Version 0.7 is released, see the change log below.

Useful links for you

Winaero Tweaker's change log

0.7 See [ release notes and screenshots ] See [ release notes and screenshots ] See [ release notes and screenshots ] See [ release notes and screenshots ] Comes with 13 new features and 11 bugfixes. See [ release notes and screenshots ] Bugfixes only. [ Release notes and screenshots ] Adds the ability to disable Lock Screen in Windows 10 Anniversary Update version 1607. See [ Release notes and screenshots ] [ Release notes and screenshots ] [ Release notes and screenshots ] [ Release notes and screenshots ] This is a maintenance release.
  • fixed a bug with Alt+Tab appearance (thumbnails were not scaled properly)
  • updated feature descriptions
  • updated the installer for Windows 7 which was trying to extract files created for Windows 8.

0.6 [ Release notes and screenshots ] [ Release notes and screenshots ] [ Release notes and screenshots ]
Fixed the Taskbar Transparency Level checkbox state.
Added a sign out request to Taskbar Transparency Level and Disable Quick Action Buttons. [ Release notes and screenshots ] [ Release notes and screenshots ]

0.5 [ Release notes and screenshots ] [ Release notes and screenshots ]
[ Release notes and screenshots ]
Fixed a crash when the user has OneDrive uninstalled.
Fixed wrong Libraries visibility detection under Windows 10/8.

0.4 [ Release notes and screenshots ] [ Release notes and screenshots ] [ Release notes and screenshots ]

0.3.2 [ Release notes and screenshots ] [ Release notes and screenshots ]
Fixed a minor bug in window borders.

0.3.1 [ Release notes and screenshots ]
  • The Colored title bars feature now comes with auto colorization enabled by default.
  • Added Advanced appearance->Menus. There you can change the height and font of menus in Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.
  • Added Advanced appearance->Title bars. There you can adjust height and font of titlebars and window buttons in Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.
  • Added Advanced appearance->Scrollbars. There you can adjust width of scrollbars and change the size of scrollbar buttons in Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.
  • Added Advanced appearance->Icons. There you can adjust the font of icons in Explorer and on Desktop. Also, here you can adjust icon spacing on Desktop in Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.
  • Added the ability to activate the Aero Lite theme.
  • The Window Borders feature is available now in Windows 10. It can be used to tweak borders in Aero Lite and in third-party themes (but not in the default Windows 10 theme which still has no borders!).
  • A bug was fixed in Appearance -> Custom accents. The "reset defaults" button was not working. This is fixed, it works now.
  • Various improvements to the code.

v0.3.0.2 Fixed the broken "Get colored title bars" feature in Windows 10. It works now.

v0.3.0.1 [Read release notes]

v0.3 [Read release notes]

v0.2.5 [Read release notes]

v0.2.4 [Read release notes]

v0.2.3.2 [Read release notes]

v0.2.3.1 [Read release notes]

v0.2.2 [Read release notes]

v0.2.1 [Read release notes]

v0.2 [Read release notes]

v0.1.0.1 [Read release notes]

Initial release

Few screenshots

At this moment, Winaero Tweaker is a portable application and does not require to be installed. I plan to merge my other tools eventually with Winaero Tweaker. Winaero Tweaker is freeware.

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  1. Ollie
    10 Apr 15

    I can't for the life of me figure out why it won't accept the startup sound I want it to use. It is in wave format and is 3-4 seconds long so if anyone could help me on why it won't work, I will be checking here daily for a possible solution. It is a line from GLAD0S saying "Welcome back. Testing is available." and it is placed currently in 'My Documents'. if anymore details are needed, I will respond when I can. Thanks.

  2. Joel Christ
    12 Apr 15

    Just how the hell many times do I have to keep being told version 2.2.0 is out but get given 2.1.0? A few days ago was annoying. Today I'm getting seriously pissed off.

  3. Sergey
    13 Apr 15

    NP. Disable the update check in settings.

  4. doubleJ
    14 Apr 15

    Why does my taskbar go back to transparent, after a reboot, when I have Make Taskbar Opaque At Windows Startup checked?

  5. Sergey
    14 Apr 15

    Hello JJ
    Which windows version you are using? Windows 8 or Windows 8.1?
    32-bit or 64-bit?
    Can you check that WinaeroTweakerHelper is in your Startup?

  6. jima
    18 Apr 15

    Hey thanks for this little dirty tool!

    I have noticed that on Windows 8.1 the all-in-one tool does not contain the Ribbon tool

    Thanks again! Cheers

  7. Al Binewski
    12 May 15

    I have no need or interest in winaero tweaker, I just want the opaque taskbar thing to stop asking me to update after every startup, and I can't see any way to since I no longer have the installer and it isn't available. Is there a command line switch or something?

  8. Navion
    22 May 15

    Can this be used as a repair tool? Specifically: I have an Asus Win 7 Pro laptop with a hard drive that has 4 partitions: one 100 Mb that I presume is UEFI, two regular Windows partitions and a recovery partition. Whenever I start it, it comes up with the Asus Pre-load wizard, and there doesn't seem to be a way to get out of it. I can see that all the expected data is in the OS and DATA (regular windows partitions) but I can't seem to force the boot into the OS partition. (I tried using an OEM Win 7 DVD to use the "Repair" option, but because of the format of the hard drive, that wasn't available. )

  9. Nostromov
    01 Jun 15

    AWESOME program, tyvm!! )

  10. purre4cake
    14 Jun 15

    FKN AWESOME PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. fr33jack
    15 Jun 15

    Win 8.1 x64 - After using (for test purposes) "Always show boot menu" and "Always show advanced boot options" in "Boot section" (I was turning off this after first restart), standard "advanced settings" via win recovery, advanced boot stopped working. It's just wont just keeps loading itself as normal. The only way I can bring back "boot options" is to check those via "boot options" in WinaeroTweaker...

  12. tip-o!
    24 Jun 15

    THANK YOU!!!

  13. Ferawyn
    30 Jun 15

    Great tool. I've come across a small issue though. When running it on a relatively bare Windows Server 2012 R2 installation (where WinSAT has not been run) an Unhandled Exception occurs:
    Could not find part of the path 'C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore'.

    Selecting Continue lets the tool run, and most functions, like changing the Aero colour, work fine. Some options pop up the same error again which can then again be continued through.

  14. The Kracken
    07 Jul 15

    Thank you very much for making and sharing this software! I don´t really have a lot of money to donate :/ but I really appreciate your work...

  15. joscopa
    07 Jul 15

    Esta en Español?

  16. Ged
    16 Jul 15

    Be careful when changing boot options. You must revert back to defaults if you want to update to a new Windows 10 build. Found out the hard way and now have to re-download 10240

  17. Dude
    16 Jul 15

    Without this and Classic Shell, I would have switched away from Windows a couple years ago. Not sure if that's a good thing or not

  18. Zardoc
    20 Jul 15

    Win Update setting doesn't work with build 10240

  19. AustrianDude
    25 Jul 15

    First of all, thank you for this application. I'm using it on Win 8.1 Pro. The (Disable lockscreen) option always resets immediatly after i click on some other options or close the app. It is running in admin mode and winaero tweaker support is running. What am i doing wrong? (I assume its my fault)

  20. nhymxu
    29 Jul 15

    "Windows Update settings" work for Windows 10 RTM???

  21. Random Username
    30 Jul 15

    I tried this program on Win 10 Final and the Custom Accent colors are much brighter than they should be. Hope you can fix this. Thanks.

  22. Sergey
    31 Jul 15

    Random Username
    It is normal. Windows 10 adjusts colors by its own. I cannot fix it.

  23. wtf
    31 Jul 15

    downloading is not working, I can't download anything it just refreshes and that's it. Is there a plain http download page with .exe links ?

  24. mzso
    02 Aug 15

    Can I comment with links here?
    I tried to make a comment but it failed and I got redirected to a blank page.
    Is it gone or just waiting for moderation?

  25. Kevin
    02 Aug 15

    The Colored Title Bar is works wrong!!! When I switch on the automatic theme colour based on a background picture it's not working, becouse when change the background, the taskbar is going to gray and the colour of the window will be with an other colour than the tray.

  26. Geoff M
    03 Aug 15

    Hi & thanks for the great app...I have a custom theme in win 10, how do I change title bar colours within a custom theme. When I use winareo tweaker and click use coloured title bars/enable coloured title bars it changes the theme to the standard win 10 desktop but allows coloured title bars. I would like to have coloured title bars in my custom theme. Is this possible?

  27. Sour
    03 Aug 15

    Thanks now I can use Windows Photo Viewer again with a few clicks.

  28. MDJ
    03 Aug 15

    ‘Windows Update settings’ section shall be removed / hidden if OS is found to be Windows 10.

  29. Sergey
    03 Aug 15

    Kevin how this related to tweaker? It is the operating system. Tweaker does not provide any extra functionality besides the theme file.

  30. Pharaoh
    04 Aug 15

    For the enable colored title bars, is there an adjustment that can be made for the windows in the background that are not focused, where the text in the title bar is in front of a lighter solid color that's different than the main color. It looks odd or I'm not sure if that's on purpose, but aesthetically speaking, it's odd.

  31. ronaldjeremy
    04 Aug 15

    Any plans to add the tiny borders feature for Win10?

  32. Sergey
    04 Aug 15

    It DOES NOT WORK in Windows 10
    Windows 10 has no borders.

  33. joaopsantos16
    04 Aug 15

    Plans to translate into other languages?

  34. Grumpy
    05 Aug 15

    1. Thanks for your tools (Winaero & ppanel)! Seem to work OK on Win10
    2. But I have the same gripe as Geoff: themes & colored taskbars seem incompatible.
    3. Windows _have_ a colored border, but it's only 1 – 2 pixels wide.

    A more general problem with the new fashionable "flat" look is that finding things has become more difficult: important icons on the taskbar are just an outline, you can't anymore just click by color, you have to actually identify the shape; overlapping window's taskbars are the same flat color and merge visually; &c.
    Ah! Microsoft!

  35. Richard
    06 Aug 15

    Similar question as Geoff and Grumpy. Colored taskbars work but remove "theme" settings; when a special theme is applied the colored taskbars are gone. Is there some workabout for this?

    Agree with the other comments re very nice software.... Thanks!!

  36. Oleg
    06 Aug 15

    Very useful and efficient soft. However, there's one thing that may need fixing; (I'm on W10, using going on sleep mode disables the colored title bars (as well as custom icons I set outside winaero) i.e. I changed my bin icon and after going out of sleep mode it was back to normal, and my title bars were all standard white. I had to enable it again via winaero
    The rest of the settings I used remained active (dark scheme for sys and apps, custom shortcut icon and a few other)

  37. Evan
    07 Aug 15

    I have a potential fix for Ollie!
    I don't know if he'll get notifications from this or if he's even still having the problem but it's an old windows bug!

    Make sure the name of the file is prefixed with 'Windows' the same way the other sound scheme files are.
    For some reason the sound is only played if the file is named liked this.

  38. Ed
    07 Aug 15

    I´m using it for win 10 but under appearance "Window Borders" does not appear as an option anymore?

    Many thanks!!

  39. FelyxGroovy
    08 Aug 15

    Wow! Great app! Thanks for creating it!
    It would be cool to have an option to enable taskbar blur in a future version! StartIsBack has this option, but it also comes with a new start menu, which is not that great!

  40. Me
    09 Aug 15

    Great tool. I've come across a small issue though. When running it on a relatively bare Windows Server 2012 R2 installation (where WinSAT has not been run) an Unhandled Exception occurs:
    Could not find part of the path 'C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore'.

    Selecting Continue lets the tool run, and most functions, like changing the Aero colour, work fine. Some options pop up the same error again which can then again be continued through.

    +1 Same issue here on a lite version of windows 10 home.

  41. Sergey
    09 Aug 15

    I will fix this issue in the next release.
    Thank you very much for this bug report!

  42. AbGedreht
    09 Aug 15


    thanks for your work, but I've an issue with the colored title bars.
    The background-color from the titlebar-text is only the same color as the rest of the window when it's active.
    When it's not active, the background-color from the titlebar-text is a certain gray, although the rest from the windows has another color. I've made some screenshots, so you may understand me better :D


  43. Sergey
    09 Aug 15

    I understand you. But I cannot do anything for you. It is the default appearance and behavior in Windows 10.
    It cannot be changed, at least at this moment I found no way to change it.
    Thanks to Microsoft.

  44. Bruce
    09 Aug 15

    One thing that's missing when you enable the old volume control is the "Volume control options" context menu option which opens SndVol.exe -p

  45. Kelly Rose
    11 Aug 15

    Does Turn off Update or "Check for Updates but let me choose whether to download and install them." setting work with WinAero?

    I ask because under the Description it still say "Changed Windows Update behavior which is locked to ""Install updates automatically" in Windows 10 Technical Preview. I have Windows 10 Pro.

  46. Sergey
    11 Aug 15

    Kelly Rose, no.
    This option was created for Windows 10 TP and does not work properly in the RTM version of Windows 10.
    I will change it very soon to provide an alternative option, a sort of.

  47. Nigel
    12 Aug 15

    Great software, thank you! One issue since yesterday - Firefox updated to Version 40 & the Title Bar colours no longer work. They're still working fine in Chrome. Also, when I click "Enable Coloured Title Bars", the Desktop Background reverts to the Win 10 default & the colour I've selected using your "Personalisation" d'load is also changed to reflect the Win 10 default screen. Is there a way to "lock" these features in place so they don't get changed by anything except my choice?

  48. TheDude23112
    13 Aug 15

    Windows 10 - customize shortcut arrow, remove arrow does not work. I am going to uninstall this app.

  49. Sergey
    14 Aug 15

    I am going to say that you are wrong:

    Good like with uninstalling the portable app. Haha.

  50. kenpmason
    14 Aug 15

    Help! I can't find the download link for WinAero Tweaker

  51. RUS
    17 Aug 15

    add enable/disable/remove onedrive from system and explorer

  52. Asterix
    17 Aug 15

    Calc and Photo apps always run in background: how to avoid that?

    Thanks for all you've been doing so far!

  53. Dave
    17 Aug 15

    Nothing changes when I change the volume icon?

  54. Dave
    17 Aug 15

    Forget my last comment. Volume indictor works fine!

  55. wdeda
    18 Aug 15

    Thank you for this little treasure, but with priceless. Please, if possible, I would suggest that even in Windows 8 Windows Defender could be disabled. Congratulations on your tireless and admirable job.

  56. ScottRuss
    18 Aug 15

    Is there any chance you can remove the pin icon from the Quick Access items in the navigation pane? Thank you!

  57. GoodOldSchoole
    19 Aug 15

    Thank You for this work, it is really useful
    I think the new style of windows is terrible ugly, this app is really bad looking "things"
    It is big lost for me the Microsoft decided change stock application like calc.exe and others for this ... this "something"
    Maybe it is possible to create a program with can transform this things back to useful from windows 8.1 to windows 10 if i insert my win 8.1 cd to cd-rom and i can chose what i want change exactly like this great toll "Winaero Tweaker" witch was help me some change do.
    Pleas think about it and thanks for yours work

  58. Oleg
    20 Aug 15

    Same as Nigel here: firefox's title bar is back to grey since v40, very annoying since you can't see which tab is active... unless using a theme. and this other thing when enabling colored title bars as well, while this is less a problem since you're not supposed to do this more than once

  59. Oleg
    20 Aug 15

    and if I may add a small suggestion, being able to change the titles text color would be great. Ie if I want to have black borders I need white text. It is black by default

    thanks again for this soft

  60. mickleby
    21 Aug 15

    Win10 64-bit, Celeron N2807

    (Thanks for the recent update. I appreciate your work/help. I found WAT because the Win10 scrollbars are too small.)

    ISSUE: WAT goes "Not Responding"
    WHEN: Changing any setting under category Advanced Appearance Settings (except Window Borders)
    REPEATABLE: Almost every time. Although occasionally WAT does not get stuck.

    WORKAROUND and ANALYSIS: Using Task Manager, right-click on WinaeroTweaker.exe, Analyze Wait Chain. I find SpeechRuntime.exe is causing the wait (Not Responding, i.e. thread blocked). Kill SpeechRuntime.exe by checking it on the Analyze Wait Chain dialog and choosing End Process. WAT continues as though no issue had occurred.

  61. Random
    22 Aug 15

    Where is the option for taskbar opaque in the newest version?

  62. Sergey
    22 Aug 15

    Random, which OS you are using?

    mickleby, big THANK YOU for this report.
    Looking for some solution.

  63. Colin
    17 Oct 15

    I disabled the windows update service and now can't turn it back on. Can you help please?

  64. Sergey
    17 Oct 15

    Click "reset defaults". That's it.

  65. Colin
    18 Oct 15

    Thanks for that, unfortunately on my PC it doesn't seem to do anything. I also just noticed that I can't search the web from the search button on the toolbar, it tells me it can't connect to the internet although I know I am connected. I guess I might have some other unrelated problem.

  66. LouRon
    26 Oct 15

    WAT v0.3.2.1

    Thank you very much for this awesome tweak app. Everything I've wanted to do work very well.
    Please... How can I change the Text color in the Title Bar. Ive chosen a dark color theme, but try as I might I CANT change the text to a lighter color. Is it possible using your magical tweaking app?

    TY for your time...LR

  67. napo
    01 Nov 15

    font change doesnt work

    u make change into icons or status bar
    apply makes the app not responding
    the change gets applied but after restart goes back to segoi ui

  68. AdrianH
    03 Nov 15

    Given all the praise here, I am disappointed that I cannot seem to execute this programme. It doesn't even stay in memory long enough for Process Explorer to see it. Using Process Monitor I can see it execute and then terminate, but am not sure why this is the case.


  69. derrick
    04 Nov 15

    Hi there, I disabled the automatic update, and i can't go back, it says: "There were some problems installing updates, but we'll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help: (0x80070422)"

    I tried the option revert to default but nothing happens, somebody knows how to fix it?

  70. Sergey
    04 Nov 15

    First, make sure you are using the latest Winaero Tweaker. Few versions ago it had a bug causes such issues for the "reset defaults" button.

    If so, try to do the following:
    1. Click Start, click Run, type Notepad, and then click OK or press ENTER.

    2. Copy the following text, and then paste the text into Notepad:

    sc config wuauserv start= auto
    sc config bits start= auto
    sc config DcomLaunch start= auto
    net stop wuauserv
    net start wuauserv
    net stop bits
    net start bits
    net start DcomLaunch

    3.Click File, click Save As, and then type Repair.bat.

    In the Save as type box, click All Files.

    In the Save in box, click Desktop, and then click Save.

    4. On the File menu, click Exit.

    5. Right click the Repair.bat file that you saved and run it as administrator.

    Try to install the updates again.

    Anyway, I will look if everything is OK in the source code right now.

  71. DoDo
    07 Nov 15

    I have Windows 10 and used Winaero Tweaker to customize the Aero Lite theme to get closer to a Windows 7 feel. I still have two issues. Even if Winaero Tweaker can't help with these/you don't plan to update it with a solution, can you suggest how/where I should try to fix these?

    First, when I reduce the height of title bars below the default value, the minimize/full screen/close buttons on the right won't get smaller, only the button edges disappear.

    Second, I use the taskbar in the Never Collapse setting, with labels for active programs. Is there a way to customize the background color of the buttons/labels? I already had the problem before that the button/label of inactive windows don't stand out well. Now with Aero Lite black fonts for the button labels (which I'm happy with), it is hard to read the label of the active button, which has an ugly dark background color I can't change.

  72. DoDo
    07 Nov 15

    Expanding on my previous comment: after some further tests, I just discovered that if I set a custom color with Winaero Tweaker, and choose that as accent color in Personalization > Colors, it will only have an effect in title bars while Windows picks its own color for the taskbar. (I didn't notice this because I also use Classic Shell, and set a custom taskbar color with it.)

  73. Pein1911
    08 Nov 15

    It will mess up your win (both win 8.1 or 10) if u are using a HiDPI setting (caused by change icon desktop font, titlebar font, scrollbar size). Your UI will scale wrong ratio, wrong icon space after apply and resign-in !

  74. Pokosol
    08 Nov 15

    Could you enable white text for coloured title bars like it is for aero lite? I'd like to have a dark title bar.
    Also, do you think it would be possible to change the opacity for the 1px border in windows 10? Or disable it altogether?

  75. Arthur B.
    14 Nov 15

    For your information: With the latest updates to Windows 10 ('Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586'), the Winaero Tweaker is no longer working to change the fonts in the context (right-click) menus of desktop, taskbar, and explorer windows (I'm not sure what else). (It still works in the regular pull-down menu lists of ordinary menus, e.g. those of regedit.)

  76. mitz
    15 Nov 15

    The title bar coloring appears to not work on inactive windows after the latest windows build upgrade. Any workaround?

  77. Arthur B.
    16 Nov 15

    Okay, I found what needed to be done to get the font changes to work again, and in more places now, after the W10 upgrade 1511. You can delete the question and just float your boat. (I'm not using the tool, am just making the changes directly with regedit; the tool has a lot of problems like randomly and constantly enlarging the scrollbars even when not touched). I don't think it's going to burn anyone's heart out...

  78. mizuhakei
    20 Nov 15

    Well just complete the win10 update today and found that after the new upgrade winaero colored title bar is not working anymore...and just found the solution in the Personalize setting, in Colors tab select "Show color on Start, taskbar, action center, and title bar".
    Yup our kind development team know that we need a coloured title bar so they added it into this option.
    ...but not to undermine their good intention, just everything look so wrong in my eyes...
    It just colored everything if I switch that option on(my eyes!!), but what I want is only the title bar to be colored and the rest of them should remain the black color like the old one used to be. Thanks win10 dev anyway...
    Hope Winaero can fix it someday.

  79. Sergey
    20 Nov 15

    mizuhakei, the new version is on the way. It will fix this issue.
    Thank you for the feedback.

  80. any ETA?
    10 Dec 15

    any ETA?

    21 Dec 15

    Dude you are THE BEST.
    Thank you, really. Thank you for making this awesome tweaks and thank you for making them avalible for free! I know it's hard and that you need to make a living out of something in this time, but I really think the Internet and the entire computer world should be free, as well as music and art... The real reward and satisfaction in making any of these I've mention is seen people using and enjoying them, not getting some stupid green pieces of paper for them. I really appreciate your work, because right now I can't actually pay for this but I can still download it. But I know how the world functions and I promise you that as soon as I can I'll donate something as a sing of gratitude, I won't forget it

  82. Ventura
    12 Jan 16

    First of all, thanks a lot for the effort, you made a really useful tool! (I donated for it :D )
    You might check the "Enable Taskbar Transparency" option, when you check that, it stays transparent just until you push a taskbar icon (clock options, volume, network and so on).

  83. Greg
    25 Jan 16

    Where is the actual download link?

  84. Ben
    28 Jan 16

    A feature that I would really like to see return to Windows 10 from previous versions is to replace the 'Quick Access' menu with the way it was in windows 7 / 8. The ordering is not necessarily the issue, but more that you cannot rename the links without it renaming the linked folder. For example if I have a shortcut to a 'Pictures' folder on several PC that I want access to, they are all called 'Pictures' in the Quick Access menu. Previously I could rename it to Pictures (Server) etc.

    Second is to enable re-arrangement of pinned items on the task bar. ie for Excel, I have a number of pinned items. I can't changed the order of these frequently used items without un-pinning them and re-pinning them in the order that I need. A tweak to increase the number of pinned items would also be desirable for me, as I quite frequently use close to 10 excel docs, but when I have 10 pinned, windows will not show any recently used excel docs.

    Love the software and have been spreading it with everyone I know who is unhappy with changes Windows 10!


  85. Jeff
    02 Feb 16

    An awesome program! Any chance that the functions of This PC Tweaker could be added? Very tired of the folders reappearing in This PC / My Computer after every update. Thanks! Keep up the great work!

  86. Sergey
    03 Feb 16

    Jeff, the next version of Winaero Tweaker will have all This PC Tweaker options

  87. Vuth
    07 Feb 16

    With the new requirement to sign out to apply, would it be possible to add another option to apply on reboot? Often with things that require a sign out/reboot I'll apply the changes then just wait until I turn off my pc for the day, and have the changes applied on startup, as signing out is inconvenient at times.

  88. Sergey
    11 Feb 16

    Just press cancel. Changes will be applied next time you sign in.

  89. Graham
    16 Feb 16

    In Win10 some shortcuts have double blue arrows in the top right corner signifying that the program or folder it points to is compressed. It can be removed using the REG entry:

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Icons]

    Could you please add this as an option in WinaeroTweaker?

  90. Sergey
    17 Feb 16

    Sure I will add it

  91. AngryPanda
    19 Feb 16

    I used the latest version of this program and it BROKE my WINDOWS 10 10240 build. I made some tweaks to disable the lock screen and the one to not show last user who logged in... And when I boot up / restart I just see a GREY SCREEN and nothing else.

    I have to move mouse around to find the cursor so I can input my password to log into desktop and when I am on my desktop, it is like it booted into safe mode... It has the large icons and everything seems to be BIGGER than what it should be...

    This has me really ticked off. I am now trying to reinstall Windows 10... Use this at your own risk Windows 10 users.

    PS. I did try reseting all the options back to default... It still kept my windows 10 broken.

  92. Mbeat
    20 Feb 16

    Hey cool that you have decided to make an one in all application. I wanted to try that out but it seems that the download link is broken could you please fix that ?


  93. darren
    21 Feb 16

    great app! quick suggestion. the power plan menu is great, but it only shows built in plans. how about also showing custom plans?
    i have always been frustrated that the battery taskbar icon also only shows a couple of profiles instead of showing all of them. don't know it you want to tackle that one too....

  94. Graham
    24 Feb 16

    Thanks for the Compressed Arrows change!

    There are now a lot of settings in WinaeroTweaker and transferring them to a new PC is quite time consuming. Would it be possible to have Export Settings and Import Settings options? The export could save the settings to an XML or INI file that could then be copied to the new PC and imported with all of the changes then applied at once.

  95. Sergey
    25 Feb 16

    It is not Tweaker, it is something else. Tweaks you mentioned just cannot cause such issues.

  96. Sergey
    25 Feb 16

    I am thinking how to implement it. But I will add export/import feature for sure.

  97. Sergey
    25 Feb 16

    Thanks for your suggestion. It is a good idea to add custom power plans. I will look how it can be done.

  98. Gary
    26 Feb 16

    Sergey I am a disabled person I installed Winaero Tweaker I can not get the old volume to apply it still the new windows 10 volume is their a fix

  99. Ragnar
    26 Feb 16

    Is there somewhere to see the complete feature list for Winaero Tweaker please?

  100. Sergey
    26 Feb 16

    Under the tweaker image:

    Useful links for you

        The list of Winaero Tweaker features
        Winaero Tweaker FAQ

  101. Darkflame
    27 Feb 16

    Nice app, any chance of giving us a tweak to restore the Customize Link in the Notification Area Icons window?

    I really miss it as i use it all the time.

  102. Kent
    27 Feb 16

    Unhandled exception, parameter is incorrect error won't let me open the program. The standalone version for This PC Tweaker worked flawless on Windows 8.1 but all the download files have been removed sadly. Nonetheless, thank you for creating these.

  103. Sergey
    27 Feb 16

    Can I get more details to fix the issue?
    When exactly it happens? Can you copy/paste the whole error text?

  104. Kent
    28 Feb 16

    I can open the program successfully but when I try to click into one of the tweaks it will give me an error and close out. The error details are as follows:

    pastebin dot com/h4Jy5uwU

    The remainder of the message is a list of loaded assemblies and a JIT Debugging instruction paragraph. Not sure if you'll need these as they don't look too relevant. Additionally I am using a 64 bit Windows 8.1 machine; on another 64 bit Windows 8.1 machine Winaero Tweaker seems to work perfectly though.

    Thanks for looking into the issue.

  105. Aritra
    02 Mar 16

    Great work & great program. Congratulations...

    Only thing that bothered me was some of the check boxes are ticked by default when I first started the app.
    For example 'disable toast notification' was checked by default even if I haven't disabled it.

    I wanted to know that if I close the application, will it turn off the toast notifications?

  106. Sergey
    02 Mar 16

    Aritra, the application reads your preferences from Registry. If it shows the checkbox, it means that toast notifications might be already disabled in your operating system.

  107. Aritra
    03 Mar 16

    Sergey thanks for quick replies but I assure you that every time I launch your utility and head to the 'Balloon Tooltips' section from the left pane, it shows 'Enable balloon tooltips' to be checked, no matter I have it enabled or disabled...

    Same thing is true for 'Old volume control' it has the 'Enable the old volume control' option checked although it does work as it is expected to, but it seems that some bug prevents it from checkin the respective registry settings at launch...
    I have 2 pcs and the same issue persists for both...

    Thereby I would request you to check out the problems for yourself and rectify issues if possible. . .

    Anyway thanks again...

  108. Sergey
    03 Mar 16

    I will check this ASAP.
    Thank you for the report.

  109. Sergey
    04 Mar 16

    Aritra, the bug is confirmed. Fixed in dev version, the next version of Winaero Tweaker will not be affected by this issue.

  110. Sergey
    04 Mar 16

    Found the cause of the issue. Should be fixed in the next release.

  111. Hadlong
    05 Mar 16

    Could we add the ability to remove the blue and yellow shield from icons?

  112. Sergey
    06 Mar 16

    Can you show me a screenshot?

  113. Hadlong
    07 Mar 16

    I am having trouble posting hyperlinks to post you the screenshot.
    If you Google "blue yellow shield icons" or "blue yellow shield desktop icons", you'll see it.

  114. TechPastor
    12 Mar 16

    I used This PC Tweaker to adjust the folders visible in Windows 10 This PC. I have downloaded Winaero Tweaker and like the additional capabilities very much. However, the "Customize This PC Folders" feature does not seem to recognize the adjustments made by This PC Tweaker in the past. It looks like the "vanilla", out-of-box folders for Windows 10 in This PC, which is not accurate. How can I get Winaero Tweaker to see the actual shortcuts currently visible in my This PC configuration?

    Great work Sergey! I really do appreciate it.

  115. Sergey
    15 Mar 16

    I know this sucks, but

    Actually, I re-used the code from This PC Tweaker only partially. Most of the code was almost completely rewritten. Now folders will be added per-user, it does not perform registry ownership changes and works faster and is more stable.
    Note: This PC Tweaker's customizations are not compatible with Winaero Tweaker:
    • You will not see folders you added through This PC Tweaker in Winaero Tweaker.
    • You will not be able to restore items removed using This PC Tweaker using the new option of Winaero Tweaker. To migrate properly from This PC Tweaker to Winaero Tweaker, press Reset defaults in This PC Tweaker and then customize your folders using Winaero Tweaker.

    From the official announcement HERE.

  116. Johhny
    25 Mar 16

    This is one hell of a utility Thank you Sergey.

    I want to check with you if the problem with custom accent colors is Windows based or it has something with the app. Even though I set custom accent color to black, when I select it from Windows settings app blue one is applied. The problem occurs in Windows 10 1511, build number 10568.164. I cannot change the color of the sign in screen too. Is it possible to change these colors if one is using custom themes?


  117. Johnny
    25 Mar 16

    Thanks. This is very useful if you are in search of a clutter free notification center.

  118. Sergey
    25 Mar 16

    Windows 10 is well known for adjusting the custom accent color. Currently, there is no workaround for this issue.
    Try to play with color, set it not exact black but something closer to dark, e.g. dark grey.

  119. Audentity
    25 Mar 16

    I love this tool! Makes Windows 8.1 look OK.

    Big problem however. Whenever I restart or logout most of the changes I've made with Winaero Tweaker are lost. Any ideas?

  120. ayeyeoh91
    26 Mar 16

    Every time I open Winaero, it asks me if I want to install the latest update. So I click yes, follow the webpages, download, and then what do ya time I open it: "a new version is available...would you like to download?"

    So apparently I'm doing something wrong. Can someone direct me to the official link for the latest version of this? It's hard for me (I'm new to this stuff) to decipher what part of the webpage is an ad for downloading software and what I actually need to follow. Please and thanks in advance.

  121. Cris_
    04 Apr 16

    Big thanks for this nice Tweak Tool!!!

    One issue for me is the missing icons from "Customize This PC Folders" in:

    "DefaultIcon" folder + as default value the path to an icon which i has set per Winaero Tweaker.

    Tested with latest FF x32 on Win 10 x64 with WT v0.5.0.0.
    Missing in the download dialog from FF in the Navigation Pane!
    Has manualy add the DefaultIcon folder + icon path and all is right now.

    greetz from Berlin.

  122. Sergey
    06 Apr 16

    Fixed. Thanks for your bug report.

  123. Reason
    09 Apr 16

    Thanks! Excelent app, makes windows a LOT more stylish and customizable letting me get rid of most stuff I hate from it, all of this in a easy user-friendly way. Awesome! Great work. I just do not understand why people make some rude complaining comments taking into consideration this is 100% free! It is ok if you have doubts or ploblems, just try to ask politely and to be a little bit more thankful I mean, come on!

  124. napouser
    10 Apr 16

    there is a bug with this program

    after using a feature of it file explorer stops responding when draging a file to the navigation pane

    open an explorer
    drag a file from the right side (file side) to the left side (folder side)
    win aero broke it

    plz fix thanks

  125. Anton
    12 Apr 16

    Thanks for Winaero Tweaker. I noticed one thing: In the Windows Title Bar section, changing the Windows title bar height only works for (traditional) win32/win64 apps, not for Modern/Metro apps. Is there a way to change the title bar height for these apps?

  126. Sergey
    13 Apr 16

    As of this writing, it is not possible yet.

  127. Sergey
    14 Apr 16

    It is not a bug of the app. It is a bug in File Explorer in Windows 10.
    When you disable\hide Quick Access in the navigation pane, it breaks Drag-n-drop.
    I will add a warning about it.

  128. Brian
    17 Apr 16

    @Sergey @Johhny

    I'm having the same issue of the secondary colour being set to blue. This didn't happen before, so it's either a change in recent Windows versions or in Winaero.

  129. Sergey
    20 Apr 16

    Windows 10 is well known for adjusting the color. I still not found a workaround for this issue.
    Try to play with color, set it not exact black but something closer to dark, e.g. dark grey.

  130. Pablo
    26 Apr 16

    For some reason something's turned my taskbar black and I can't seem to get it to match the background colors like I have my windows. Any suggestions?

  131. Pablo
    26 Apr 16

    Nvm, it was just an unchecked Windows option. My b

  132. jdhenrichs
    27 Apr 16

    I like the ease with which your Winaero Tweaker lets me go back to colored title bars in Windows 10.
    But, I first change the background from the Win 10 (very ugly) default to just a solid color, then I use Winaero Tweaker to add the color to the title bars, and magically it has put back the Win 10 default background. If I then change the background to a solid color, magically the colored title bars ARE GONE.
    Also, I do not see a setting in Winaero Tweaker to change the background from the default.

  133. Aleksey Dolmatov
    01 May 16

    Please add the ability to specify the name of the object is added or after in "Navigation Pane" and "This PC Folders". I use OS Russian language, but there are Chinese and English names in the CLSID.

  134. Minimalist
    08 May 16

    Could you possibly give us a way to take the time and date off the lock screen. I already have a very nice watch, thank you M$.

    The writing hides my beautiful painting, and also reminds me how ugly M$ has made Windows 10.

  135. Thomas
    20 May 16

    How do I make a custom startup sound?
    I am running windows 10 and the current startup sound is wa wa aw waa!

  136. Jetarc
    24 May 16

    Kaspersky Internet Security f is blocking winaero as an unknown object. This is first because never happened in older versions.

  137. Sergey
    25 May 16

    It is false positive reaction from Kaspersky.
    No idea why it happens, but it happens from time to time.

  138. James
    26 May 16

    Is it possible to stop the taskbar icons from changing position when switching between virtual desktops?

    I have a problem where if i change the order of icons on the taskbar, and then switch to desktop 2, and back again to desktop 1, the taskbar icons i rearranged change back to their original position. Or alternatively, is it possible to have icons pinned on one desktop but not show on another virtual desktop?

  139. phuong
    27 May 16

    Please update an option to uninstall (or Remove) all default apps on windows 10 as 3D Builder, Alarms and Clock, Calculator, Groove Music...

  140. wasbarreto
    31 May 16

    Gostei da função de cores das janelas inativas, mas teria como lançar uma função de pegar as cores que estão em configurações do Windows para as janelas inativas?

  141. Sergey
    01 Jun 16

    wasbarreto, this is VERY GOOD suggestion.
    Will be implemented directly in the next version!

  142. Mr GRiM
    10 Jun 16

    Anyone else having problems with the personalization shortcuts on the latest Windows 10 build, none of them are working for me, they all make explorer restart.

  143. jmcc
    13 Jun 16

    Please add a feature: In addition to changing the system font from segoe UI to another font, please add an option to change de system font SIZE as well. The default size is 9pt, wich does not fit well with other font types.

  144. Sergey
    13 Jun 16

    Mr GRiM
    That's a pity. Looks like Microsoft has all classic removed applets.

  145. JackKay
    15 Jun 16

    After I change the "Use Administrator Account" Setting, when I use an App an error comes up that "this app can not be used with the built-in administrator account". What do I do to fix it in Win 10 home?
    P.S. Can you make a setting to change the administrator name from "Administrator"?

  146. Allan Acer E5 771-G
    16 Jun 16

    Hey just wanted to ask would it be possible to add feature to change lockscreen background ? Atm I use Winaero tweaker to change the main lock screen but need to use Windows 10 Background LockScreen Changer to change the actual lock screen ( the one where you enter your password) I hate having one extra program for only one function that should be readily available in one I am already using for a variety of other tweaks. Also Win 10 LS Background Changer has stopped working unexplainably so would be great to just fuck it off and use this app exclusively. Cheers in advance for any feedback :-)

  147. Mr GRiM
    17 Jun 16

    Good news, personalization menu is working again now, just a question though, was there a reason the theme personalization shortcut was removed?

  148. Sergey
    17 Jun 16

    Mr GRiM
    I have no idea. Maybe it was just a bug?

  149. Mr GRiM
    18 Jun 16


    Yeah looks like it was just 2 builds with that problem, just hope it stays fixed this time.

  150. BrokenLeg
    18 Jun 16

    the new version is detected as a virus with kaspersky please fix

  151. TommyT
    23 Jun 16

    Very nice program. Best windows utility of 2016, I think.
    Installing Winaero upgrades over installed lower level versions & you get the settings that are already set.
    Love that feature. The new install reads the registry? Your secret, I won't pry.
    However, a neat feature would be: Store the settings in a file (.ini? text? easy to edit?) and allow copy this file to another computer, start Winaero and - walla!
    The custom settings are moved to the new computer!
    And if that's not enough, (I'm greedy) do a one or two click upgrade install that just overwrites the old program rather than unzip & copy to directory.

    And as far as it goes in the debate about programs that run without windows installer, I like simplicity!
    Go for it!

  152. TommyT
    23 Jun 16

    One last thought - sort your comments in descending date order...easier to keep eye on the new.
    Best regards.

  153. MacOSxx
    28 Jun 16

    the new version is detected as a virus with kaspersky antivirus (f), please fix.

  154. GSynergy
    29 Jun 16

    Is this at all compatible with Windows Vista?

  155. Sergey
    30 Jun 16

    Vista is not supported by this app, even some of tweaks will actually work.

  156. Graham
    08 Jul 16

    Could you add an option to change the Taskbar Thumbnail Preview window size? This is in registry entry:
    and is a DWORD32 key called MinThumbSizePx with a decimal value up to 500.

    And +1 for TommyT's request to save the settings to a file!

  157. ClearType
    08 Jul 16

    Can you please add the Registry tweak for ClearType to your wonderful app?

  158. Favna
    21 Jul 16

    I just hid the Quick Access from the navigation pane on Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview build 14393.0 and upon reboot I now find a Quick Access icon on my desktop that I cannot delete or dump in some other folder. Would be much appreciated if this is fixed, as in, the icon is removed.

  159. aj
    22 Jul 16

    it have a virus??

  160. Sergey
    22 Jul 16

    The virus is in your brain.

  161. kev
    23 Jul 16

    So now version requires net framework 3.5? Why?

  162. TropicalGary
    23 Jul 16

    The upgrade to went well. The upgrade to didn’t go well. After installation and upon running WaT, Windows shows me an error message:

    WinaeroTweaker has stopped working
    Windows is checking for a solution to the problem…

    It never finds the solution and that message disappears after a few seconds so I reverted to for now.

  163. Sergey
    23 Jul 16

    Sorry, my mistake. Fixed, please re-download the app.
    Fixed too. Please re-download the app.

  164. fuzzy
    23 Jul 16


    I am using windows 10 x64bit , I checked on "always show advanced boot option" , it worked fine. But now I uncheck that option, I CANNOT access advanced boot option by DEFAULT troubleshoot function anymore. Please help


  165. Sergey
    24 Jul 16

    fuzzy I will look into your issue.
    Please specify the build number you are running.

  166. H00k
    25 Jul 16

    Just a small observation...
    The Description in "Slow Down Animations" has the word "the" spelt twice.

  167. SHÚ
    25 Jul 16

    When installed the Aero Light the text on the taskbar buttons becomes black, and it is impossible to read when you have dark grey or any dark theme color. Is there any way to change the taskbar icon/buttons color to something other like white?

  168. Sergey
    26 Jul 16

    Thanks. Corrected. It will appear with
    Which Windows version you are running?

  169. SHÚ
    26 Jul 16

    Hey Sergey!

    Thank you for your swift reply, I run Windows 10 Pro.

  170. Sergey
    26 Jul 16

    In Windows 10, I applied the provided option Aero Lite(white text). The appearance is as follows:

    Can you try to apply it too?

  171. SHÚ
    26 Jul 16

    Sergey, thank you. This is what I get when I apply it:

  172. Sergey
    27 Jul 16

    This is very strange. Which build you are running?
    Also., can you email me your C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\aerolite.theme file? I will look what is inside it.
    my email is hb860 -dog-

  173. kcantrel
    29 Jul 16

    I'm curious if the Winaero program has found a way to add a delay to the X Mouse feature with Windows 10? It is easy to get auto focus to work with Windows 10, but it seems to ignore the ActiveWndTrackTimeout registry value. Does your software use a different registry item to set a delay? Or, does the delay simply not work with Windows 10?

  174. libove
    29 Jul 16

    I'd tried the now-obsolete ElevatedShortcut and now I've also tried the same with Tweaker's built-in ElevatedShortcut function, and I have the same problem:
    Unless the user who is logged in at the time of trying to run an elevated shortcut is an administrator, the user still must enter an administrative user ID and password.
    Perhaps I misunderstand; is ElevatedShortcut only supposed to avoid the need to right-click and select Run as Administrator, but NOT supposed to make the process able to start with administrative privileges when run by a non-administrative user? What I'm looking for is the latter - to allow standard user accounts to run certain processes with administrative privileges, with neither a UAC approval prompt nor a UAC elevation ID+password prompt.

    On UNIX/Linux the "sudo" command performs as desired. On Windows I'd found Kay Bruns' "SuRun" which can do this; it's very much like "sudo" on UNIX. A bit more complicated to use. I'd been hoping that it would be possible to have a simpler way.
    So, what is ElevatedShortcut really supposed to do?


  175. Sergey
    29 Jul 16

    You need to use the built-in "runas" command and not elevated shortcut.
    It will not resolve your task. The user will need to enter the administrative password with the elevated task.
    Use runas.

    runas /?

  176. H00k
    30 Jul 16

    Another small observation.

    The Description in "Disable Telemetry" is missing the word "you".

  177. rAY
    30 Jul 16

    Hello Sergey. Nice job
    I have upgraded yesterday to windows 10 pro from Windows 7 pro. I may go back to windows 7 back within 30 days.
    So far I see that it is not in my control.. I have disabled all the privacy settings however I do not see any option to force the updates to manual only.
    Does your tweaker has option to disable Windows 10 updates i.e only check for update manually like in windows 7.


  178. Sergey
    30 Jul 16

    It can be set to notify only. You need to apply the option "Method #1" in Behavior\Windows Update settings.
    Read the description carefully.
    It should be exactly that you want.

  179. Jack
    01 Aug 16

    Would be nice if you can create a export features so it easy to move setting from one PC to another.

  180. Spiderjon
    01 Aug 16

    Windows Defender has quarantined the most recent version of Winaero Tweaker that I have — — reporting that it's infected with Trojan: Win32/Fethar.B!cl


    I'm assuming it's a "false positive"?

  181. Sergey
    02 Aug 16

    Yep, as usual.
    Last time it was Kaspersky, now Kaspersky is silent but Defender is on fire.
    I will fix them all one day, I just need more free time and money a little.

  182. dak
    02 Aug 16


    I appreciate your hard work very much. I use this tool on every machine I tune up for people (Win 7, 8 and 10). I have a reg file that I use to enable "Save or Save As" prompt in Microsoft Edge... could you add this into your Tweaker as an option? It would be a real time saver when setting up multiple machines at once! Thank you.

  183. dak
    02 Aug 16

    Sorry, but I forgot to add in - Removing Default Apps such as Xbox, Get Info, etc... Thanks

  184. Mark
    03 Aug 16

    After the Aug. 2 2016 update lock screen image is set back to default and tweaker won't change it any ideas?

  185. t-ryder
    06 Aug 16

    Windows 10 Pro x64 TH2 + Anniversary Update = no lockscreen background change - no way to disable the lockscreen completely using WA-Tweaker.

  186. t-ryder
    07 Aug 16

    No, I can't disable the lockscreen. I tried manually using a scheduled task. Then I tried by using a group policy, at last I tried with a provided registry hack and WA-Tweaker.
    Nothing works. This thing just does not want to be disabled. *more grumbling*

  187. t-ryder
    09 Aug 16

    Disabling the lockscreen is still not working using WA-Tweaker plus after changing some settings applying tweaks I got a strange bug.
    Sometimes on my totally empty desktop here is appearing the quick access star, but it is not a shortcut I can delete. It appears, then it is gone again, then it appears again.
    I was not able to disable that either.

  188. 794
    11 Aug 16

    Can you add the classic time/calendar back? We still have the classic volume slider which is nice, but it seems the calendar was removed. Also classic LAN/Wireless window would be nice. Another nice addition would be the classic UAC instead of the new one. Thanks!

  189. Shortfall
    12 Aug 16

    Hi There

    Love the Application, it helps me make things look so much better than Windows 10.
    There are a couple of issues I am experiencing that I hope can possibly be integrated into future releases:
    - Setting the Taskbar Clock back to the Windows 7 Version (I've tried the Registry Key Manual Entry, with no success)
    - Setting the Text Alignment of Windows Explorer Icons (Last Windows Update set text alignment to left, I prefer the centered text there was previously)
    - Adding the Details Pane in Explorer to the Bottom of the Window (I use OldNewExplorer but it seems to keep needing Windows Explorer to be Restarted)

    If any of these options can be integrated into future releases, I would greatly appreciate and donate to the cause.

    Thanks for the App & Keep up the good work

  190. vivi2218
    14 Aug 16

    Hi ! it's possible to hide "all programs" in the start menu since the update 1607 with winaero ? thanks

  191. mazeckenrode
    16 Aug 16

    I’m using WinAeroTweaker v0.6.0.6 and Windows 10 Pro. I have the option set in your tweaker to disable adding “- Shortcut” to the filenames of newly created shortcuts, but the system still adds it. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

  192. WXTweaker
    19 Aug 16

    The Windows 10 titlebar is a problem for me. The three icons on the right --- minimise, fullscreen, close --- are too far apart. They take up too much room when I want to put other things up there.

    Is it possible to tweak the titlebar by pushing the three icons much closer together, close to the right margin?

  193. Mark
    28 Aug 16

    On Windows 10 I can't get Tweaker to set the lock screen image back to default I click set page back to default but it still goes to the solid color this is happening after the Anniversary update how can I get the image back?

  194. Stephaen
    29 Aug 16

    Changing the size of margins in "Windows Thumbnails" has no effect in "Windows 10 Anniversary Update".

  195. EBIN
    30 Aug 16

    More overlapped text

  196. Sergey
    01 Sep 16

    Thank you, will be fixed!

  197. EBIN
    02 Sep 16

    Glad to be of help

  198. EhsanKia
    04 Sep 16

    any chance to get a portable version of this?
    I don't see why a settings tweaker needs to be installed on a computer...

  199. Sergey
    06 Sep 16

    The installer has the portable/extract only mode.

    Lots of people ask "how to remove it, I cannot find it in Control Panel".
    It was created for such people.
    Use the portable setup mode, it does nothing else besides the file extraction.

  200. Mykee
    09 Sep 16

    This is a great tweaker!
    I missed a function from this: add Recent Folders for Windows Explorer and Save windows under Windows 10. I use this feature daily, and registry hack is a little hard.
    Thanks for Winaero Tweaker!

  201. hey
    15 Sep 16

    Lockscreen function does not work, the lockscreen remains, it used to work with the last version.

  202. discojoe
    23 Sep 16

    Since the Windows 10 autumn update (or whatever it's called), the Winaero Tweaker option to prevent Windows 10 from automatically restarting to install an update does not work. Please fix if you can (and thanks for the effort in making this awesome app!) because I rage whenever Microsoft decides it knows what's best for me regarding the use of my own property.

  203. Natty
    23 Sep 16

    Winaero Tweaker is a pretty good windows customizing tool. One thing i want in the future is features like OldNewExplolor has for customizing explorer.

  204. K. K. VinayKumar
    26 Sep 16

    "Set Windows update to notify only" doesn't seem to work in Windows 10 Anniversary update.

  205. daniel
    27 Sep 16

    Just want to add that I also had the 0x80070422 error after disabling windows update and couldn't turn it back on, using the latest version. The repair.bat fix above resolved the issue. thank you.

  206. Nekrozys
    29 Sep 16

    Hey, I just wanted to thank you and tell you that Winaero Tweaker is my favorite tool when it comes to Windows customization.
    You've kept on updating it all the time and it's a real pleasure to see such a tool free for everybody to use.
    Keep up the good work :D

  207. Lee
    03 Oct 16

    Thank you for this great app. I would love to see an option for tweaking the menu and title bar sizes in Edge, which the current version doesn't seem to be equipped with.

  208. kekesed97
    12 Oct 16

    After I changed system fonts (menu, statusbar, message, system) from Segoe UI to Roboto, it goes well. But when I wnt to revert the change, the Segoe UI font is missing and the system font revert to Arial. Now my Windows 10 looks like XP. I don't like it. I don't like to apply Roboto either. It make me dizzy when I read my laptop screen.
    As you see in fourth image, the WinAero Tweaker can't find Segoe UI
    Can you fix this?

    Here's a few screenshot:

    The "Run" box looks like Windows XP

    Only Segoe UI Semilight left on my system, the rest goes missing

    The default font change to Arial

    WinAero Tweaker can't find Segoe UI Regular

  209. Sergey
    12 Oct 16

    Click "Restore this page to defaults" on toolbar.
    This will restore the default font.

  210. Tony
    12 Oct 16

    It's ok I found it now...Why dont you put it at the top of the page where it should like me needs to see any release notes first...apart from that i love your program and will donate soon when my mortgage has finished.

  211. paule
    23 Oct 16

    Plz WinaeroTweaker clear Icon 256 x 256! the current is blurry..

  212. Sergey
    24 Oct 16

    paule, ok, will implement it.

  213. Steve
    25 Oct 16

    Thanks for building such awesome tools! I just have one question. I've had some trouble with "Change Folders in This PC". I added a new folder, "Code", to This PC.

    Desktop, Downloads, Pictures...Videos, Code

    When I try to add new folders into Code using the This PC window the explorer program takes a long time (~10 seconds) to complete the task (Not Responding). When I try to rename the New Folder there is a similar delay. If I try to create and rename a folder simultaneously the explorer crashes. If however I navigate to the folder's location (C:\Users\Steve\Code) I'm able to create and modify folders as usual.

    Is this an error you've come across before? I'm running Windows 10 Home, Version 1607

    Thanks again for the good work!

  214. Adams
    27 Oct 16

    Really useful program. One problem though. When I changed System fonts it changed numbers on touch keyboard into small rectangles...
    pictures below:

    Any idea what to do now ? I tried reset fonts but it didn't help..

  215. Sergey
    27 Oct 16

    Hi Adams
    Which font you have used? I will try to reproduce.

  216. Adams
    27 Oct 16

    Really useful program. One problem though. When I changed System fonts it changed numbers on touch keyboard into small rectangles...
    pictures below:

    Any idea what to do now ? I tried reset fonts but it didn't help..

  217. Adams
    27 Oct 16

    I used Bookman Old Style.
    After that numbers disappeared.

  218. Adams
    29 Oct 16

    Have you found a solution for it ?
    Any idea why did it happen?

  219. Chrys
    20 Nov 16

    Winaero Tweaker Dev, may I suggest a feature to be added that can export all our tweak settings in Winaero Tweaker to a .ini file, and when we re-install Windows, we can just import the .ini file and all previous tweaks will be applied automatically.
    Thank you.

  220. m4p3
    30 Nov 16

    I'm trying to change default items in navigation panel but it doesn´t work. i'm using windows10 -1607

  221. CosmicDan
    21 Dec 16

    The fonts option has ruined my system. I wanted to try Consolas but didn't end up liking it, but resetting to default has left some places stuck as Consolas. Chrome browser for example.

    Please fix this!

  222. barto bongo
    25 Dec 16

    thank you for teh winaero tweaker. it is an amazing tool.

  223. Mzmkont
    25 Dec 16

    Good evening,
    I have this strange problem and I was suggested contacting You for help. When I adjust my volume or try to change the song the icons, which display the feature, show as little squares. Here is the image of what it looks like:

    I tried reseting the icon cache, but it didn't work.
    I was suggested contacting you from this forum (here is the post itself)

    Would love to hear Your feedback about the problem.

    Yours faithfully,

  224. Sergey
    27 Dec 16

    You can do the following.
    Go to Advanced appearance -> System Font.
    Click the Reset defaults button above the page.
    Restart Windows 10
    This should restore your system font and solve the squares issue.

  225. Mzmkont
    29 Dec 16

    You are a lifesaver, Sergey!
    Thank you!

  226. Sergey
    31 Dec 16

    You are welcome

  227. Jason
    02 Jan 17

    Hi Sergey:

    I have been looking all over the internet for a way to change the SIZE of the default UI (User interface) font in Windows 7. I tried your winaero tweeker, but it only allows me to change the font face, but not the font size.

    DPI idea did not work. I have increased the dpi but the toolbars are going out of the screen. So I already have the maximum dpi.

    I have tried different themes, but the UI font size is too small in them.

    I just want to increase the SIZE of the system font so I can read the screen without hurting my eyes.

    Do you have a program that can do that?


  228. Decorticator
    10 Jan 17

    Change Search Bar Text is missing, as far as I can see. I don't know if this has been noted already. version I entered 'Cortana' and 'bar' and 'search bar' 'searchbar' in WinaeroTweaker search and it doesn't show up.

  229. KevinNash
    10 Jan 17


    I see version comes with an installer, I prefer portable version.

    Can you add portable version download please ?

    I thank you in advance.

  230. Mike Ravensden
    14 Jan 17

    Winaero Twaeker worked fine on two of my windows machines. I just installed it on another one and Inactive Titlebar Color setting is missing. What happened?

  231. Sergey
    15 Jan 17

    On your third PC, it detected that the Inactive Titlebar Color setting is not available in the installed build of Windows 10.
    This feature doesn't work in older builds.

  232. Biatu
    18 Jan 17

    Suggestion: Allow Save/Restore configurations? Optional Command line args to silently configure system.

  233. clayto
    19 Jan 17

    Tweaker installed OK and will be very useful, but I had really great difficulty downloading Win+X Menu Editor, there seemed to be something wrong with the link. Anyway, I am now getting notification about downloading an update but cannot find how or any reference to it on the website. Nor can I find how to ask for help, hence I am posting here in the hope it gets noted.

  234. Sergey
    20 Jan 17

    Biatu, work in progress.

  235. Cassie L Horton
    22 Jan 17

    Hi there. You software is amazing, thank you for all your efforts. I just have a couple of questions, I am using Windows 10 Pro & have changed all the default fonts using your program but it doesnt change the font in the start menu, have i done something wrong? Also, i have set a pin for sign in & after applying the font changes, the pop up keypad now displays squares instead of numbers, this again may be something i have done incorrectly but wanted to let you know.

  236. Sergey
    23 Jan 17

    Hi Cassie.
    I don't think it is you. It is more likely an issue with the font which is missing some symbols.
    Click "reset this page to defaults" in the system font option in Winaero Tweaker. This will restore "Segoe UI" and resolve the issue with the keypad popup.

  237. Dhariuz T
    23 Jan 17

    Hey Sergey. At the moment i only have changed the fonts and no problem at all. Im going to get in deep with every other sections aswell later
    Anyways thanks for this helpfull tool of yours, have a nice day.

  238. Sarreq Teryx
    02 Feb 17

    I have a 14" 4k screen, and had a couple programs (not DPI aware) which came up super tiny. I found a way to force them to display correctly via a registry entry and manifest file. Any chance you could incorporate this trick into the Tweaker?

    video here: youtube{slash}watch?v=UijLRNQ6N7Q

  239. scnrfrq
    13 Feb 17

    I installed your Tweaker on a Win 10 system. I don't see the option to change the startup sound. Is that only for Windows 7? I haven't found any successful way to change either startup or shutdown sounds in Windows 10 - have you?


  240. Anak Tamvan
    19 Feb 17

    Please add disable ribbon feature on winaero tweaker

  241. rsdds
    23 Feb 17

    hello, but this app can degrade peformance in gaming?

  242. Sergey
    23 Feb 17

    Hello, no, it doesn't affect peformance in gaming

  243. zeUs.H
    26 Feb 17

    Hi Sergey,

    You do an excellent job and I admire very much and I am fan of your work, congratulations!

    The color that windows 10 v1607 uses to display the selected item is very poor and in some applications (Like µTorrent) it is difficult to differentiate it from white.
    Would it be possible to change the color that Windows 10 v1607 uses to display the selected item?
    I did not find it on your Winaero Tweaker, would you be able to add this feature to your Winaero Tweaker?

    Best Regards

  244. George
    12 Mar 17

    It's probably been asked before - since it now boasts quite a lot of settings, it'd be great if Winaero Tweaker would alert us in case Windows reverts any of the changes! It tends to happen, especially after Windows updates but it's not always easy to know.

  245. mxmissile
    16 Mar 17

    Have Disable Cortana checked, but the process is still there. Windows 10 Home, latest version of Tweaker.

  246. Maeda Keijiro
    16 Mar 17

    You do an excellent job. I’ve never seen anyone do it better, Thank you!

  247. Softpedia user
    23 Mar 17

    Your link at Softpedia, didn't work

  248. Sergey
    23 Mar 17

    I have no links at Softpedia.
    I am not related to Softpedia in any manner.

  249. Edivan Baptista - Brasil - São Paulo
    23 Mar 17

    When we Brazilians, we will have the time of this wonderful tool in the "Portuguese" language!
    And when we can contribute to the growth of the community, through mechanisms, here in Brazil !?

    One suggestion, for the error of programs like AutoCad, which has files with the same name of "ScreenSaver" ... Leading to conflict between both!

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


  250. John
    25 Mar 17

    I am missing one thing.

    Make it possible to change the colors of tabs in Edge - and any other application that uses tabs. E.g. Chrome. Active and in-active tabs almost have the same color and I would like to change that.

  251. JSS
    29 Mar 17

    Using version of Winaero Tweaker and there is a tickmark in Disable wide context menus but Windows 10 Anniversary Update is showing normal wide context menus and there is no registry key. If I remove the tickmark and put it back then the ImmersiveContextMenu registry key is created and after a restart the wide context menus are indeed disabled. If I then remove the tickmark the registry key gets deleted and after a restart the wide menus are back but the tickmark is back in Winaero Tweaker.

  252. Peter
    07 Apr 17

    I just like to say the Winaero Tweaker is a very handy tool, and works perfect.

    Perfect to change the menu font size etc, because that option is removed by Microsoft after the Creators Update. Unfortunately with this tool you can’t change the font size of the Windows 10 Menu. Maybe it is something for the future Thx to the developer.

  253. sjhaberk
    10 Apr 17

    Can you possibly add the ability to change not only the system font itself but also the selected font's attributes (boldness and font size) in the same way you have created for the Statusbar Font? I am part of the Windows 10 Insider program and I am currently running Windows 10 Pro Build prerelease.170331.1532 and I like your Winaero Tweaker App since Microsoft has deleted the ability for users to change fonts and font attributes. The problem is that if I change the system font from the default Segoe UI font the colon in the time display on the task bar displays a rectangle box instead of the colon.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, sjhaberk

  254. Amfakh
    11 Apr 17

    Please add CRC32 in your hash context menu, a lot of anime fansub used it so do i

  255. WinDOS
    11 Apr 17

    Can somewone send me via an email the installer for Winaerotweaker

    here is the e-mail:

    Love WinDOS

  256. Anonymous
    13 Apr 17

    Thank you for this great software. She helped me add the command line. And a few other things

  257. Warguest
    14 Apr 17

    Hello. Unfortunately there was a new update 10, with a new windows defender. And the option to disable Windows defender not working anymore even with the most current version. No disables Windows defender when you restart the machine. I'm waiting for a new update.

    Follow the Windows:

    Windows home 10 single language

    Version: 1703
    Build OS: 15,063,138

  258. Wewpt
    14 Apr 17

    Hey there, big fan of your programs.

    But currently none of your download links are working for me. However I do use a very restrictive hosts file.

    Could you please tell me where these files are hosted?

    Thanks in advance.

  259. Sergey
    14 Apr 17

    Files are hosted here on

    I am aware of the issue with Defender, it is already fixed in the developer build of the app.

  260. Graham
    15 Apr 17

    The Hash context menu is great but I normally use it to get the hash of files I'm uploading (rather than downloading) so that I can put the hash value on my web page. It's a pain copying and pasting the value from the powershell screen so could you add an option to make the commands do it automatically? The prompt on your screen would become:

    [_] Add File Hash Context Menu
    [_] Include Clipboard Menu items

    Then the extra context items would be added, for example:
    MUIVerb: "SHA1 (Clipboard)"
    Command: powershell.exe Set-Clipboard -Value (get-filehash -literalpath '%1' -algorithm SHA1).Hash

    This will paste just the hash value to the clipboard and without the -noexit of the normal command.

  261. dee
    16 Apr 17

    auto arrange in folder stoped working in windows 10 '1703' version

  262. systoll
    17 Apr 17

    I had been having issues with... most of the window metrics settings, and I think I know why.

    When WinAero Tweaker writes the settings to the registry, it uses the 'minus sign' defined in the user's locale settings. In English, that's -, but in my [japanese] locale it was ー.

    But windows doesn't understand the settings with ー in them. Whatever locale its using, the registry needed the minus sign to be -.

  263. CatarsiSol
    18 Apr 17

    Hey there, I love this app, but somehow after I installed it, my toast notifications had disappeared for programs such as Discord and Telegram. Does anyone know how I may go about re-enabling those? I've tried the 'Notifications & actions' page and got no success.

  264. reza
    19 Apr 17

    please update for creators version

  265. Sergey
    19 Apr 17

    CatarsiSol, if you have enabled "Balloon notifications", then disable this option.

  266. Sergey
    19 Apr 17

    reza, the application already supports Creators Update.
    Which exactly issues you have?

  267. Dracon
    19 Apr 17

    Please add option for restaur link to old uninstall control panel in win 10 creator

  268. CatarsiSol
    20 Apr 17

    I enabled and re-disabled the balloon tips to no success in getting back the toast notifications. For some reason, they don't seem to want to pop up on apps like Telegram or Discord.

  269. noob
    20 Apr 17

    Where are the tweaker settings saved? Like bookmarks for example. I have "portable" Winaero Tweaker and have several bookmarks. When I copy the program to USB and run it on another PC all bookmarks are gone. This is not portable.

    From Wikipedia:
    "A portable application (portable app), sometimes also called standalone, is a program designed to read and write its configuration settings into an accessible folder in the computer, usually the folder where the portable application can be found."

  270. KrashLog
    22 Apr 17

    Since the Creators Update, I'm again receiving the side notifications about "Windows Firewall being off, please turn it on, blablabla". I used "Disable Action Center" but still see them.

  271. Indy
    25 Apr 17

    I just switched from using Firefox x86 to x64 and noticed that the links on the bottom of the Winaero app do not seem to work anymore. Is it just me or is there a problem with Winaero?

  272. Indy
    25 Apr 17

    The "Donate" and "Winaero" links in the status bar of Winaero Tweaker don't work with Firefox x64

  273. Travis
    26 Apr 17

    Still the Cortana tool is not working. I have it disabled, but Cortana is still running. Is it just me? See this screenshot:

  274. [This comment is awaiting moderation]
    26 Apr 17

    [This comment is awaiting moderation]

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