Microsoft Edge is getting an option to turn off the Bing button

Starting in Edge 111, the stable version of the browser sports a new Bing button in the sidebar. In pre-release versions of Edge it appears in the toolbar instead of the sidebar, and replaces the menu button by shifting to the left, so even if you hide the sidebar, it remains visible! As of now, Edge stable doesn't offer any option to get rid of the bing icon, but this will change in May.

Microsoft introduces a new Video Super Resolution feature in Edge

On February 27, Microsoft Edge has got a new flag in Canary, edge://flags #edge-video-super-resolution. As followed from its description, it allows the browser to enhance the image for low resolution videos. However, it was not clear on what devices and how it will work. Microsoft has finally announced the feature officially and provided its hardware requirements.

Edge Add-on Store is getting extension badges

Microsoft has announced that they are bringing badges to the Edge add-on store. They should help you differentiate useful and popular extensions among 11,000 available add-ons. In company's opinion, the new badge system will stimulate developers to build high quality extensions to compete on the marketplace.

How to Enable the Drop feature in Microsoft Edge

Edge 110 is the first stable version of the browser to feature Drop, an easy to use integrated sharing service. It is something like "Saved messages" in your Telegram app, as it shares files only with you. Drop opens a panel where you can compose a note or add a file that will be shared across your devices. Obviously that you have to use Edge with a Microsoft Account on all those devices. It also uses OneDrive to store the files and notes. Drop supports both desktop and mobile devices.

Following Chrome, Edge 110 stable is here with easy file share between your devices

Microsoft Edge 110 has landed in the stable branch. Besides several fixes and improvements for customers, it adds "Drop" - an easy way to share your files between your devices. It is a special area that manages the file transfers integrated into the sidebar.

Microsoft Edge’s new “Discover” feature adds even more promoted content to the browser

The latest Insider Preview releases of Edge sport a new feature called "Discover". It appears are a new button next to the menu button with a glowing star. Clicking it displays a huge pane with some content you would find interesting to learn, of course in opinion of the browser.