Microsoft Edge’s new “Discover” feature adds even more promoted content to the browser

The latest Insider Preview releases of Edge sport a new feature called "Discover". It appears are a new button next to the menu button with a glowing star. Clicking it displays a huge pane with some content you would find interesting to learn, of course in opinion of the browser.

Microsoft Edge is getting ‘minimal toolbar experience’

A new feature 'minimal toolbar experience' is landing in Microsoft Edge. When enabled, it moves the user profile icon from the toolbar to the tab row. In developer's opinion, this makes the toolbar look less cluttered. The new home for the profile button may be just the beginning of something greater. Eventually, Microsoft could end up with some redesign with here the UI is optimized for productivity and doesn't include anything that can interfere with your important tasks.

Microsoft is working on Microsoft Edge ‘Phoenix’ with a new UI and features

Microsoft Edge 'Phoenix' is an internal reimagining of the Edge web browser with a new UI and more features. It will have a new Windows 11-style user interface and unique productivity features. The browser will be deeply integrated with Windows, and will look more like a native app for Windows 11.

Microsoft Edge has got a new Split Screen feature to open two sites in a single window

Microsoft is testing a new "Split screen" feature in the Edge browser. It allows you to open two tabs in split screen mode in a single browser window. Currently, this new feature is under testing in the Canary branch of Edge. Also, you need to enable a flag to access it.

Special characters in the printer name break printing in Edge 109

A number of reports on the web indicate that a regression in the Edge 109 code breaks its printing feature. It affects all supported platforms, including Windows 10 and all versions of Windows 11. Edge 109 was released just a few days ago. Here's what makes is stall when you press Ctrl + P and how to fix it.

Following Chrome, Microsoft Edge 109 is out with a new Text prediction feature

Due to the same release schedule, Microsoft Edge quickly catches Chrome in the version number race. So a few days after Chrome 109, Microsoft Edge 109 landed in the stable branch with a new feature for consumers, Text Predictions, that allows you to type faster. There are also a couple of other important changes, including a new certificate verifier bundled with the browser to replace the one integrated with the OS. Also Edge 109 features Account linking between a personal Microsoft account (MSA) and Azure Active Directory (AAD) account.

Microsoft Edge 107 brings with it an updated sidebar

Microsoft Edge 107.0.1418.24 stable is now available for all supported platforms. The release comes quickly after Chrome 107. The latter includes the ability to import and export password from a file. On Microsoft's side, the additions to the browser include a number of group policies, and an updated sidebar.