Edge for Linux has an exclusive hidden easter egg in the Surf game

You can play the Tux character exclusively on Linux when in the Surf Game of Edge browser.

Despite sharing a common rendering engine with Google Chrome, Microsoft had to cut off and replace many of Google's technologies and software pieces when developing a Chromium-based Edge. One of the things Microsoft ditched in Edge Chromium is a built-in Dino game you can play when the Internet is down (or using the chrome://dino URL). Instead of a somewhat primitive monochrome game in Chrome, Edge offers a much more engaging Surf game, a throwback to the classic Windows SkiFree game.

Edge for Android is getting additional security prompts for autofill

Desktop versions of Microsoft Edge can make your personal data safer by requiring additional authentication before auto-filling passwords, payment methods, and other info. This feature arrived in Edge earlier this year, and the browser allows enabling or disabling it. The same capability is now coming soon to Edge on Android.

Edge Surf game gets limited-time skiing theme

Microsoft Edge Chromium has a hidden built-in game called Surf, where you can kill some time when the Internet is down. The company announced the game alongside the new logo for Edge back in early 2020. Now, on the eve of the 2021 holiday season, developers introduced a reskinned version of Edge Surf. Users can now swap a surfing board for a set of skis and hit the slopes in an attempt to set the highest score.

Super-Duper Secure Mode is now available in Edge Stable

After a couple of months of extensive testing and numerous improvements, Microsoft finally released Super-Duper Secure Mode (SDSM) for all users in the Stable channel. The feature arrived without much fanfare in the latest version of Microsoft Edge, which, by the time of writing, is 96.0.1054.29. To check your Microsoft Edge version, go to edge://settings/help.

Microsoft Edge is getting Citations and Find on page feature improvements

Microsoft is actively working on improving the recently introduced Citations feature in its Edge browser. It now has its own flyout. Besides this change, you will find a few improvements to the Find on page feature. Specially, it can form "related matches" and can help you search more efficiently.

Microsoft does not plan to change its Edge-enforcing policies

The latest preview build of Windows 11 has made some "under-the-hood" changes to prevent users from bypassing Edge-enforcing policies. Those policies make changing the default browser in Windows 11 a painful and annoying experience, and they do not allow opening specific links within Windows 11 in browsers other than Microsoft Edge. For example, you cannot open links from Windows Widgets in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Edge Deflector, a third-party tool from Daniel Aleksandersen, used to fix that annoyance.

Microsoft wants you to use Edge for internal URLs, prevents link overriding in Windows 11

Windows 11 and 10 have a dedicated microsoft-edge:// protocol for opening specific links explicitly in the Edge browser—formerly in Edge Legacy and now in Edge Chromium. Regardless of your default browser choice, Windows opens those links in Edge Chromium in an attempt to get more users for the browser.

Edge will soon let you create new Office documents from the context menu

When you make a right-click action in Edge, the browser reveals a hefty list of various commands and actions. And it seems that Microsoft does not plan to stop shoving even more options to that list. The latest version of Microsoft Edge Canary received a fresh "New Office Tab" option that lets you create a new document.