Microsoft has introduced Edge for Business, new UI, and stable version of Workspaces

Microsoft has launched a preview of a new work experience called Microsoft Edge for Business. The company suggests it as the default experience for organizations. This will allow you to organize private browsing activity and work tasks in separate, non-overlapping processes.

Microsoft Edge will soon allow you to re-arrange sidebar icons

Sidebar is one of the controversial features in the Edge browser. Some of users find useful the links and tools it hosts. Others find its presence redundant and see it as a bloat. Microsoft is trying to make the sidebar more friendly for everyone, so the latest updates to the Edge browser add the ability to re-arrange icons in the sidebar.

Microsoft Edge will soon allow removing features you never use

The upcoming change will allow you to disable extra features in Edge. The browser has a wide range of options such as a password manager, sidebar, and Bing integration. However, some users find certain components to be "bloat". That's because they are considered redundant and slow down the browser. Consequently, Microsoft is experimenting with the ability to remove those extra features from Edge, which can improve performance.

Microsoft Edge reports all the sites you visit to Bing

The inbox Windows browser app, Microsoft Edge, is leaking the sites you visit to Bing. The phonecalling is part of the poorly implemented "follow creator" feature. Designed to check specific YouTube channels for new content, it instead sends all the URLs you visit to Bing API endpoints.

Microsoft Edge adds Image Creator, Browser Essentials tool, new power profiles, and more

A new blog post on Microsoft's website reveals several new features that the Edge browser now offers its users. Some of them are already familiar to Insiders. The announcement mentions a built-in image editor, an AI-based image creator, the Drop file sharing service, and a new Browser Essentials tool.

The Workspaces feature in Microsoft Edge is available in public preview

Microsoft today announced that the Workspaces feature for the Microsoft Edge browser is now available for public testing. This feature was previously only accessible as a beta version for corporate customers, but now it can be tested by a wider audience.  It's a step towards improving the user experience and providing more collaborative tools for Edge users.

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