Edge Dev 103.0.1264.2 is the last release from the 103 branch, comes with new features

Microsoft is about to switch to Edge 104 in the Dev channel, so they released the last binaries from the Edge Dev 103 branch. Developers are teasing "many new and exciting things" coming to the browser. As of now, the Dev channel hosts Edge Dev 103.0.1264.2, which comes with the following list of changes.

Edge Dev 103.0.1255.0 released with search and policy improvements

A new version of Edge, 103.0.1255.0, is available to Insiders running the browser in the Dev channel. The release doesn't include much for consumers, but some of the changes are important for sysadmins. There are also fixes and improvements traditional for weekly pre-release updates.

Microsoft Edge Dev 102.0.1245.3 allows adding a saved password manually

Microsoft has released Microsoft Edge 102.0.1245.3 to Insiders running the Dev channel browser. Some of its new features may be useful to enterprise users. For example the ability to maintain a custom IE mode list in Settings. On the consumer side, users can now add a saved password manually right in the appropriate section of the Settings tab.

Microsoft Edge 101 Stable released with new Apps flyout

Following the four week schedule, Microsoft releases Edge version 101 to everyone. The browser hits the stable channel shortly after the appropriate Chrome release. The ability to launch Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) from the toolbar and several new policies, including the one that defines how Edge switches the profiles, are the key changes in this version.

Microsoft Edge now allows you to reorder tabs using keyboard

Recently, Google added an improvement to its Chrome browser that finally allows the user to re-arrange tabs using keyboard only. This option has been available for Linux and macOS users for several years. Microsoft now follows the suit, so Edge allows you to reorder the tabs using the keyboard shortcuts.

Microsoft is testing an integrated VPN service in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is testing a new feature for its Edge browser called "Microsoft Edge Secure Network". It is a built-in VPN service that routes websites you visit via a secure connection. Microsoft advertises it as a robust solution to keep your location private, prevent online tracking, and secure connections to both HTTP and HTTPS websites.