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15 thoughts on “Subscribe to our free newsletter

  1. Tommy

    Thanks for saving the old games!


    I have bin forced to install the new w10 and then lost freecell :(((

  2. dp

    Thank you for the Windows games. I uninstalled the older version and it would not reinstall. Somewhere I noticed a place to donate…you are worth it.
    Sincerely, DP

  3. Андронов

    Прочел Вашу статью о правке реестра
    Моя проблема.
    После вынужденной переустановки планшета
    CHUWI Hi12 эта отличная программа
    безвозвратно потеряна.
    Где взять для установки?
    С уважением. Виктор.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      какую программу вы имеете ввиду?

  4. David Appleton

    Hi, I’m having issues with the right click not working on the start button on windows 10, I used your Win+X menu editor however when I try to restore defaults it says @the following files were nor processed” then lists all the files under the 3 group files under WinX. Any ideas? I’ve tried all of the fixes I can find.

  5. rao

    thanks for you winaero tweaker software,but ,My English is not good.So I want your support chinese thank you

  6. Алексей Долматов

    Обнови сертификат сайта. Хром уже ругается.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Я работаю над этим.

  7. Coral Dyason

    Have downlaoded Winaero 0.10.2 as i am having huge problems with Windows updates. Does this also counter the new Windows 10 Update Facilitation Service (I have manually disabled it, but I can’t stop it)


    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      I will add it to the backlist.

  8. Seth

    Are there any quiet install switches for the Old Calculator for Windows 10 executable? I’d love to be able to deploy it to several systems at once.


    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      use the /S switch (S is capitalized) for silent installation.

  9. j80r59m

    To Whom it may Concern;
    The Winero – “Uninstall Edge Utility – “NO LONGER WORKS”, AFTER MICROSOFT’S RECENT ANNIVERSARY WIN 10 UPDATE RELEASE! When Microsoft was changing my choice to use theOPERA Browser as my Default Browser and attempting to “FORCE ME TO USE THEIR “WORTHLESS” BROWSER THAT DOES NOT SUPPORT JAVA, & most importantly their embedded ADOBE Flash Player “DOES NOT WORK”! & most sites that require a Flash Player will not display properly, or, not at all,for me, I knew that it was time for Microsoft’s “WORTHLESS” Edge Browser to GO!
    I hope that an Update version of this Utility will soon be offered so that I can once again not be bothered with Microsoft’s “WORTHLESS” Edge Browser!

  10. Hendrik

    Hi winaero
    How if we want to insert video animation after booting windows?

    I ever see one game center cafe do it, after loading windows 10 then the video animation show up, after that billing software and then desktop

    I have search many om google but not yet found it, maybe you can help me.
    Thanks a lot

  11. mikimik

    in building 1803 he worked well, but he stopped working in building 1809


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