Windows 10 on ARM will not get x64 emulation support

In December 2020, Microsoft announced x64 apps emulation support for Windows 10 on ARM devices running preview builds from the Windows Insider program. Previously, Windows 10 on ARM supported only x86 emulation, a big downer for many users looking to get an ARM-based computer with Windows 10. x64 apps support brought not only improved compatibility but significant performance uplifts as well.

Similar to Windows 11, Windows 10 will receive major updates once a year

Microsoft has started rolling out Windows 10 version 21H2, November 2021 Update, and has also announced how upcoming major OS updates will be released. The company is going to push them once a year in line with the Windows 11 release schedule. So the next feature update for Windows 10 will be released in late 2022.

The new Microsoft Store is now available to all Windows 10 users

Microsoft has finally made the new Microsoft Store app available to all Windows 10 users. Rudy Huyn, the app's main developer, has announced the rollout on his Twitter. Traditionally, Microsoft gradually redistributes the update, so it may take a few days before  reaching your Windows 10 device.

Windows 10 finally supports dark mode for Windows Search

Windows 11 is now available to eligible devices, but Microsoft is not giving up on Windows 10 yet. While it is true that the most exciting new features may be Windows 11-exclusive, the Software giant will continue supporting Windows 10 with bug fixes and noticeable improvements at least until October 2025. One of such improvements is an updated Windows Search, which now has a dark theme.