Mozilla Firefox is coming to the Microsoft Store later this year

Before Microsoft released Windows 11, the Software giant allowed only EdgeHTML-based browsers in the Microsoft Store. Now, with Edge Legacy and its proprietary engine being six feet under, Microsoft embraces Chromium and eases off rules in its store. To bring more customers and developers to the Microsoft Store, Microsoft allowed publishing third-party browsers with various engines (there are many other new policies, such as permission to use custom payment systems, CDNs, unpackaged apps, third-party stores, more). As a result, we see developers bringing popular browsers to the Microsoft Store, providing users with an easy and trustworthy place to get their favorite apps.

Firefox is getting Colorway themes – preinstalled colorful presets

Not so long ago, Mozilla introduced a fully redesigned UI for the Firefox browser, called Proton UI. After shipping Proton UI to the public, Mozilla Foundation continues working on the visual aspect of its browser. In Firefox 95, which is currently available in the Nightly channel, users can select several new colorful themes.

Mozilla managed to bypass Windows 11 restrictions and set Firefox as default browser

While there is no argument that Microsoft Edge is a decent modern browser with great features and solid performance, everyone seems sick of Microsoft trying to force everyone to use it. Windows 10 is well-known for its shady practices and random resets of default apps, and in Windows 11, Microsoft takes that to a higher level with a messy default app system. Now, instead of using a single switch to select the default browser (one more click to dismiss Microsoft's plea to try Edge), users need to pick a browser for eleven different web formats.

Firefox 92 to block downloads over an insecure connection

Mozilla plans to launch Firefox 92 during the first week of September 2021. One of the changes in the upcoming release is additional download protections. Firefox 92 will follow Google's recent improvements that make sure a browser warns users about potentially unsafe downloads over an insecure connection.

Disable Firefox Suggest in Firefox Address Bar Search

You can disable Firefox Suggest in Firefox address bar if you are not happy to see promoted search suggestions each time you type a query. Mozilla started testing a new feature in Firefox that pushes sponsored posts as you type your search request in the address bar. Called "Firefox Suggest," the feature tries to offer your relevant content based on what you enter by using ad partners that "meet Mozilla's privacy requirements."