Firefox 119 will add a “Not secure” label for sites opened via HTTP

On October 24, Firefox 119 will change the visual appearance for secure and insecure connections in the address bar. The prefix "https://" will no longer be visible for sites using HTTPS. But for sites using HTTP without encryption will display the prefix "http://" along with a new text note reading "Not Secure,".

Firefox 117 released with better form autofill and security fixes

Firefox version 117 has become available. It includes improvements to autofill credit card information. In addition, the browser has a new CSS Compatibility tooltip in the Developer Tools Inspector, and the Enhanced CSS Embeddings feature is now enabled by default. Here are the key changes.

Firefox now allows importing extensions from Chrome

Firefox is getting the ability to import add-ons from other browsers, e.g. Chrome. The new feature will work similar to how it imports bookmarks, settings, saved passwords and browsing history. As of this writing, an early implementation of the expanded import is already enabled for a small percentage of Firefox 116 users.

Firefox lost 3.92% (7.4 million) users in the last 12 months

According to an analysis of the company's report by developer Alex Ivanovs, the number of Mozilla Firefox browser users has decreased by approximately 3.92% (7.4 million) over the past year. Since 2019, the browser has lost a total of 30.3% of users, equivalent to 77 million.

Firefox 116 is out with PiP, sidebar, and performance improvements

Firefox 116 released to the stable branch, along with the ESR versions 115.1.0 and 102.14.0. The new version is notable for the addition of the volume slider to the Picture-in-Picture flyout, an improved sidebar that now includes bookmarks and history, and much more.

Firefox 115 is out with data import improvements

Mozilla has released Firefox 115, a new version of their web browser. This version falls under the extended support period (ESR) branch, ensuring ongoing updates throughout the year. Additionally, an update has been made available for the previous long-term support branch, version 102.13.0, with two more updates (102.14 and 102.15) expected in the future. Firefox 116 is now in the Beta channel and is scheduled for release on August 1st.

Firefox 114 is out with DNS over HTTPS improvements

Mozilla has released Firefox 114 and Firefox ESR 102.12.0. While the release is mostly focused on fixes and security improvements, it also includes several changes to DNS over HTTPS. DoH encrypts DNS queries, which can improve privacy and security for users. Additionally, Firefox 114 includes a number of accessibility improvements, such as better support for screen readers and improved keyboard navigation.

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