Mozilla is working on improved picture-in-picture mode in Firefox

Nowadays, every modern browser has a picture-in-picture mode. It allows the user to move a video from a web page into a small always-on-top window. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and other browsers let you also manage playback using simple media buttons, such as play/pause. About a year ago, Mozilla started working on an improved version of picture-in-picture in Firefox. The needed infrastructure is now available in Firefox Nightly, the earliest version of Firefox, where Mozilla tests new features and capabilities.

How to Restore File Download Prompt in Firefox

You can restore the file download prompt in Mozilla Firefox, which is disabled by default starting in Firefox 97. The browser now directly fetches the file from the Internet once you click its download link. It will only show a notification at the top of its window, similar to how it works in Chrome and Edge.

Firefox is ditching the file download prompt

Mozilla Foundations plans to change how the Firefox browser handles downloads. The current stable version of Firefox displays a download prompt when the user attempts to download a file. The prompt lets you open the file in a specific app or save it to the default directory. Future Firefox updates will ditch this long-standing technique in favor of the idea found in Chrome, Edge, and other Chromium-based browsers.