Firefox 92 to block downloads over an insecure connection

Mozilla plans to launch Firefox 92 during the first week of September 2021. One of the changes in the upcoming release is additional download protections. Firefox 92 will follow Google's recent improvements that make sure a browser warns users about potentially unsafe downloads over an insecure connection.

Disable Firefox Suggest in Firefox Address Bar Search

You can disable Firefox Suggest in Firefox address bar if you are not happy to see promoted search suggestions each time you type a query. Mozilla started testing a new feature in Firefox that pushes sponsored posts as you type your search request in the address bar. Called "Firefox Suggest," the feature tries to offer your relevant content based on what you enter by using ad partners that "meet Mozilla's privacy requirements."

Mozilla is testing the ‘Firefox 100’ user agent string

All mainstream browsers, namely Edge, Chrome, and Firefox, are approaching a major milestone: version 100 release. In a world where the release of Windows "9" could have potentially botch lots of software, moving a browser from two-digit to three-digit version numbers is a big deal. To prepare Firefox for the impending 100 release, Mozilla started testing the "Firefox 100" user agent string.

Fix Missing Windows 11 Snap Layouts in Firefox

Windows 11 Snap Layouts are missing in Firefox and don't appear for the maximize button. Here is a quick fix. Snap Layouts is a new feature in Windows 11 that supercharges window management, allowing you to create different apps layouts in just a few clicks. Microsoft expects Snap Layouts to work with most Windows apps, although there will be some exceptions. Apps with custom window controls may not work with Snap Layouts, and Firefox is one unfortunate example of such an app.