Google delays Manifest V3 again so ad blockers can live a little longer

Google again changes how the infamous Manifest V3 will reach Chrome users. It gives developers one more year for using Manifest V2-based add-ons, including ad blockers. The latter heavily depend on features that were removed from the latest Manifest, making content filtering less effective.

Microsoft Edge now allows you to reorder tabs using keyboard

Recently, Google added an improvement to its Chrome browser that finally allows the user to re-arrange tabs using keyboard only. This option has been available for Linux and macOS users for several years. Microsoft now follows the suit, so Edge allows you to reorder the tabs using the keyboard shortcuts.

Chrome now allows you to reorder tabs with keyboard shortcuts

Linux users are able to change the order of tabs in Google Chrome for several years. Recently, Chrome devs added the same capability to the macOS version of the browser. But on Windows this option was totally missing. You could switch between tabs in Chrome for Windows using the keyboard, but couldn't reorder them. This has finally changed, and the change is already live in Chrome Canary.

New Side Search feature in Google Chrome makes searching more convenient

Google is testing a pretty unique addition to the Chrome browser called 'Side Search'. The first thing you probably think of is the Bing search sidebar in Microsoft Edge, but they have nothing in common. The Side Search in Chrome allows you to return to your most recent search by opening it in a panel.