Google is finally improving text scaling in Chrome for Android

If you have tried to change the default text scaling level in Chrome on Android. If you have tried to increase or decrease the default font size in accessibility settings of the browser, you may already know that the result if often far from perfect. Some sites look broken, the layout is of the text elements can be changed. To address these issues, Google is working on a new Page Zoom feature.

Chrome gets a flag to enable PWA uninstall in Windows Settings

You may remember that Google Chrome has the ability to remove an installed PWA using Settings and/or Control Panel. When enabled, it allows adds the appropriate Uninstall option to the Start menu shortcut context menu for installed PWAs. Well, Google goes further with this feature, and has added a flag to quickly enable or disable this functionality in the browser.

Chrome will soon show files from Drive on the new tab page

Google has announced a new feature to help browser users access their files in Drive faster. Soon, Google Chrome will start displaying relevant files from Google Drive on the New Tab Page. This capability joins the feature Google introduced in 2019 that allows users to search for files in Drive using the address bar in Chrome.

Chrome is getting UI improvements on Windows 11

A fancy user interface is not the number one priority for a good browser, but users do not mind when developers pay more attention to how their browsers look. Recently, Microsoft introduced a set of redesigns for the Edge browser on Windows 11 with rounded corners and the Mica effect on the tab strip and context menus. Now Google wants to follow suit.

Make Chrome for Android Open Desktop Versions of Websites By Default

Chrome for Android will soon be able to open desktop versions of websites by default. Earlier this month, Microsoft Edge for Android received a new experimental flag that forces the browser to load desktop versions of websites by default whenever possible. Recently the same flag arrived in Chrome Canary for Android.

Chrome 96 will ask users for an additional prompt for downloads in Incognito

Google is working on several improvements for the Incognito mode to help users better understand how it works. The company recently introduced a new experimental flag that enables a slightly improved Incognito greeting window. It comes with a clearer explanation of what Incognito does and what it does not (similar improvements are now available in Edge 94).

Google plans to kill Manifest V2 extensions for Chrome in 2023

In November 2020, Google launched the new Manifest V3 platform with significant improvements, such as better security, more web technologies support, and better performance for extensions in the Chrome browser. Now the company published information about the upcoming removal of Manifest V2 support in Google Chrome.

Google starts testing Chrome 100 user agent string

In March 2022, Chromium-based browsers will move from two-digit to three-digit app versions. Such a change might throw a wrench into the Internet and break compatibility on millions of websites. To prepare its browser for a major shift in version numbers, Google starts testing Chrome 100 UA or user-agent string.