How to Enable Chrome Refresh 2023 Design in Chrome 117 and above

You can enable the new Chrome Refresh 2023 appearance starting in Google Chrome 117. It was released on September 12, 2023, and includes the design as a hidden option. The Chrome Refresh 2023 style, also known as "Material you" and "Google Material 3", is an effort by the search giant to modernize the look of the browser by following popular trends in the software world. It remains flat, but now uses rounder surfaces and prominent gradients and animations.

Emergency Chrome update fixes critical WebP vulnerability

Slightly over 24 hours ago, Google rolled out an update for Chrome, specifically addressing the critical vulnerability CVE-2023-4863 in the WebP image format. This vulnerability had been reported by experts from the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto. The update applies to both the stable and extended branches, with versions 116.0.5845.187 available for Mac and Linux, and 116.0.5845.187/.188 for Windows. Notably, cybercriminals have already exploited this vulnerability.

Google to enforce HTTPS in Chrome for all links

Google plans to enforce HTTPS by default. The company aims to ensure that all users have HTTPS-First enabled, which automatically redirects HTTP requests to HTTPS. Currently, over 90% of requests sent by Chrome users use HTTPS, but there is still 5-10% of traffic tied to HTTP. To address this, Google has decided to introduce intermediate measures before fully implementing automatic forwarding to HTTPS.

Chrome 117 will show details for extension removal

Chrome Extensions Developer Relations Engineer Oliver Dunk has revealed that a new Chrome 117 feature that will notify the user if an extension is not in the Web Store. This feature aims to help users identify extensions that have been removed by developers, disabled for policy violations, or flagged as malicious.

Google Chrome 116 released with downloads and sidebar improvements

Google has released Chrome 116, a new version of the world's most popular web browser. The new version is part of the 4 week release schedule. For those who need more time to update, the Extended Stable branch is supported separately, followed by 8 weeks. The next release of Chrome 117 is scheduled for September 12th.

Google Chrome 116 will support quantum-resistant encryption algorithms

Google Chrome version 116 will introduce support for quantum-resistant encryption algorithms. The algorithms include a hybrid key encapsulation mechanism, to enhance the security of symmetric encryption secrets exchanged over secure TLS network connections.

Chrome adds Reading Mode to the sidebar, here’s how to enable it

One of the new features in Chrome 115 is Reading Mode in the sidebar. It allows viewing the simplified version of a web page side-by-side with its regular style. The nice thing about it is that both views scroll synchronously as you read any of them. Finally, the user can customize the reading view style.

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