Winaero Tweaker

Winaero Tweaker on Windows 11

Winaero Tweaker is a free app for all versions of Windows that lets you adjust (i.e. tweak) hidden secret settings that Microsoft does not let you adjust from the user interface. In addition, it allows you to add extra value to existing Windows apps and tools with advanced context menus, options, and handy commands.

It is a powerful system utility that supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11 and includes hundreds of settings. It also includes many options that were earlier available exclusively in my standalone applications.

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Besides Winaero Tweaker, there are a number of other useful freeware tools created by Winaero. Check them out here: Winaero apps.

Edge 104 stable enables Enhanced Security mode for everyone

Microsoft Edge version 104.0.1293.47 is now available in the stable channel. It is the first browser release that enables the Enhanced Security feature by default. Formerly known as "Super Duper Security Mode", it had two options, Balanced and Strict. Starting with Edge 104 stable, it now adds new mode, "Basic", which is enabled by default.

Microsoft is testing an Xbox Game Pass family subscription

Microsoft is testing the Xbox Game Pass family subscription, which will allow users to add other people to their subscription and give them access to the benefits of the service. Xbox Game Pass Family Preview is now available  in Colombia and Ireland. You can add up to four people to your subscription, but they must all be in the same country as you.

Edge for Android is getting a built-in PDF viewer

Microsoft has added a built-in PDF viewer to the Android version of the Edge browser. This can be a small advantage over Chrome, which doesn't include anything like that on mobile. Google's solution is to use a viewer offered by their Google Drive app. For whose who don't have GDrive or any other PDF viewer installed, Microsoft's browser can be in handy.

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