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Winaero Tweaker 1.62Winaero Tweaker is a free app for all versions of Windows that lets you adjust (i.e. tweak) hidden secret settings that Microsoft does not let you adjust from the user interface. In addition, it allows you to add extra value to existing Windows apps and tools with advanced context menus, options, and handy commands.

It is a powerful system utility that supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11 and includes hundreds of settings. It also includes many options that were earlier available exclusively in my standalone applications.

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Besides Winaero Tweaker, there are a number of other useful freeware tools created by Winaero. Check them out here: Winaero apps.

How to disable the new bold font in Chrome 124

After updating Google Chrome to version 124, you could already noticed changes in font rendering. The font used in tab titles, menus, bookmarks, and some other interface elements has become bold and a bit blurry on some devices. While you can tolerate the bold font, you won't be happy to see the blurry captions. Thankfully, it is easy to fix this issue.

Surface Pro 10 based on Snapdragon X Plus specs leaked on Geekbench

In May, Microsoft will debut the consumer versions of the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6, both powered by the latest ARM processors from Qualcomm. The event will be held in Seattle on May 20th. But the specs of the upcoming devices have been leaked to the public.

Microsoft Store now offers links to direct app installers

Microsoft's Rudy Huyn has announced a huge change that comes to the web version of Microsoft Store. It will now offer direct links to lightweight online installers instead of launching the Store app when installing an app.  The online installers are small executable files that will run much faster and consume less resources than the full-featured Store.

Here’s how to enable the new Start menu in Windows 11 Build 22635.3500

With Windows 11 Build 22635.3500, recently released to the Beta channel, Microsoft has added two new Start menu features. First of all, there is an updated layout of the All Apps view, now with letters for faster navigation. Another change is the new account manager. Here's how to enable them.

Chrome 124 improves font rendering, bookmarks, and password manager

Google developers have published the release of Chrome browser version 124. To comply with EU DMA law, it now shows a page to set your default search engine. It has also introduced support for saving bookmarks in Android and encapsulating keys using a quantum-resistant algorithm in Windows, macOS and Linux. Here are the details.

Windows 11 Build 22635.3500 (Beta) adds a new Start menu account manager feature

Windows 11 Build 22635.3500 is now the latest release to the Beta channel. It brings a new user interface of the account manager to the Start menu. Besides, there are small UI tweak made to the Settings app, the Share dialog, and Widgets.

Windows 11 Build 26200 (Canary) improves widgets and taskbar

Microsoft has released Windows 11 Build 26200 to Insiders in the Canary channel with improvements made to the widgets. They now have more animated icons and support notifications from third-party widgets. The release also updates the design of the power saver icon in the tray. Finally, there are plenty of the quality of life fixes.

Microsoft Edge 124 released with a few UI updates and enterprise improvements

Microsoft has released Edge 124 to the stable branch. The new browser version introduces an updated look of the new profile dialog, along with several improvements made for customers. Updated profile management and customization controls, Copilot browser Context Policies, Cross-device Search Query History suggestions, Automatic profile switching controls for Microsoft Edge for Business are among them.

Microsoft has released Office LTSC 2024 commercial public preview

The preview of Microsoft Office LTSC 2024 is now accessible for both Windows and Mac platforms. Designed for specific use cases requiring long-term servicing channels, such as managed devices, OEM devices without internet access, or medical testing equipment with embedded apps needing to remain unchanged over time.

How to disable the Microsoft Account banner in Windows 10 Settings

Microsoft's goal is to have the majority of Windows users sign in and use a Microsoft account. It is harder to create a local account, and harder to install Windows 11 with a local account. So now a banner in Windows 10 Settings is encouraging local account users to get a Microsoft account.

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