Android 15 will let you find even turned off Pixel devices

Android 15 is expected to introduce an innovative feature known as the Powered Off Finding API, enabling users to locate Pixel devices even when they are powered down. However, this advanced functionality will comes with hardware requirements available in Pixel 8 and later. Android 15 is expected to release in October alongside the Pixel 9 series.

Google Play will soon list PC games and YouTube video announcements

During the Google for Games Developer Summit, company representatives announced exciting updates coming to the Google Play app store. The PC version of Google Play Games will now feature a collection of PC games alongside popular Android titles such as Lineage2M, Odin: Valhalla Rising, Genshin Impact, and Dragonheir: Silent Gods. These games can be run on Windows computers, expanding the gaming options available to users.

Android is finally getting parallel app download from the Store

Google is currently testing parallel downloads in the Play Store, allowing users to download two applications simultaneously. Also, by enabling specific flags in version 40.0.13 of Google Play Store on a rooted Android device, you can unlock the parallel downloads for up to 5 apps.

Copilot can now replace Google Assistant on Android

Android users can now set Microsoft Copilot as their default assistant instead of the one from Google. This follows the suit of the ChatGPT app, which was previously spotted as having the same capabilities.
But it is still a work in progress, so Microsoft is testing the new option among Copilot Beta users.

Google may soon restrict creation of GCam ports for non-Pixels

According to new reports, Google is considering blocking the development of Google Camera ports in Android 15. This decision is driven by the company's transition to using its own mobile processors, potentially allowing them to make certain features and applications exclusive to Google Pixel devices.

Google removes 17 features from its Assistant to make it better on Android

Google intends to drop a number of features from the Google Assistant app. The company claims those aren't frequently used. The list of options to kill incorporates  the sending voice messages  ability, as well as controlling the stopwatch on smart speakers.

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