Microsoft has quietly released the Copilot app for Android

Microsoft has quietly made available the Copilot app for Android. The app has been around for almost a week now, and the company hasn't bothered to announce it widely. It allows using the company's AI chat bot on the most popular mobile platform. The apps provides the dialog-based UI, and doesn't require the Bing app.

Android may finally get a battery health status report

It is likely that Google will start reporting battery degradation on Android smartphones. Unlike iPhone users who can easily access battery status information in the settings, Android device owners are currently required to use third-party apps or special commands to check their battery health.

Smart Search on Android will be able to find info in PDFs and media files

Google is currently testing a new Smart Search feature that aims to enhance the process of finding information within PDF files and images. It is integrated in the Files app on Android, which is a file manager. By utilizing local machine learning, this option improves the searchability of files. The Smart Search option is able to scan the contents of files on the device automatically, resulting in more accurate search results.

Google drops Calendar app support on Android 7.1 and older

Google Calendar will no longer work on devices running Android 7.1 (Nougat) and older. The latest manifest version of the application has a new line, UnsupportedOperatingSystem__enabled. It contains a message that users need to update their OS to Android 8 (Oreo) or later to continue using the application.

Let’s Encrypt certificates drop Android 7 support on February 8, 2024

Let's Encrypt has issued a warning that starting from February 8, 2024, certificates will no longer work on Android 7 and older versions of the mobile operating system. This change is a result of the expiration of cross-signed intermediate certificates and the end of the partnership between Let's Encrypt and IdenTrust.

The GetContact app leaks your personal data even if you never heard about it

GetContact is a popular mobile application that serves as a call manager for Android with the spam blocking feature. It allows identifying who is calling you by maintaining a large database of phone numbers. As a user of GetContact, you can see how the number is saved in other users' address book.

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