ChatGPT may soon allow you to replace Google Assistant on Android

A new research shows a work in progress by OpenAI that may lead to the replacement of the default Google Assistant on Android smartphones with a ChatGPT AI assistant.It will serve as in-place replacement that handles all user's requests.

ChatGPT Android

This solution would allow users to move away from Google Assistant, Bing, Alexa, or other chatbots. Users could launch ChatGPT from any screen on their Android smartphones using a gesture or voice command, eliminating the need for a chatbot client. However, it seems that access to the chatbot may be tied to a payment for a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


Developers from OpenAI have added the com.openai.voice.assistant.AssistantActivity option to the latest version of the ChatGPT APT application for Android (ver. 1.2023.352).

By default, this new feature is disabled, but enabling it and launching it manually will display a rotating animation on the smartphone screen, similar to the voice chat bot mode in the ChatGPT application. This method works through an overlay that is displayed on top of other applications and does not take up the entire screen, allowing users to talk to ChatGPT from any screen.

However, in testing, the animation did not complete, and the activity closed quickly before communication with the chatbot was possible. This suggests that the feature may not be fully completed.

The latest version of the application adds an XML file called Assistant_interaction_service, containing a voice-interaction-service tag that defines the sessionService and recognitionService. This tag also indicates that the supportsAssist service is supported, but necessary declarations in the app's manifest are still missing.

It appears that OpenAI intends to take further action with the application, possibly to make accessing ChatGPT easier for Android users. The latest version of the Android app also includes a Quick Settings tile designed to launch a new ChatGPT assistant mode, which may require a ChatGPT Plus subscription. Without the subscription, the tile could not be fully enabled and activated.


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