PowerToys is getting “Inclusive Mouse”, an improved cursor finder

One of the recent updates for PowerToys introduced a new set of cursor-related tools. PowerToys users can now find the lost cursor by double-pressing the Ctrl button. Also, PowerToys lets you highlight right/left mouse clicks, which comes in handy when you record or share the screen.

PowerToys 0.53.1 adds Always-on-Top to any window and 100+ fixes

Microsoft today released a new version of PowerToys. While PowerToys 0.53.1 mostly comes with quality improvements, it also includes a couple of novelties. The major addition is the ability to make any window always on top. Besides, there is G-code support for thumbnails and preview pane, and a bunch of fixes.

WinverUWP: unofficial modern version of Winver for Windows 11 and 10

A fancy new user interface and lots of modern touches are one of the reasons people upgrade from Windows 10 to 11. Still, the latest operating system from Microsoft is good old Windows with tons of inconsistencies and questionable UI bits. While Microsoft is working on the first feature update for Windows 11 to address primary concerns, third-party developers and enthusiasts offer their modern versions of old and outdated parts of Windows. Last year, someone made a UWP version of Winver—a legacy UI that shows you the current Windows version and its build number.

Windows Terminal Preview 1.12.3472.0 and stable 1.11.3471.0 are available

Microsoft today updated the  Windows Terminal app, both stable and preview. The Preview channel has got version 1.12.3472.0, while the stable one is now on version 1.11.3471.0. Both releases include a new version of the Cascadia Code font, Cascadia Code 2111.01, and come with a huge list of fixes.