PowerToys version 0.60 comes with better Windows 11 compatibility

Microsoft has released a new stable version of PowerToys 0.60 that goes even better with Windows 11. Its tools now appear in the modern compact menus directly, "always on top" now uses rounder borders for highlights, and more. Besides Windows 11-specific improvements, there are fixes and new capabilities in FancyZones, PowerToys Run, and other apps.

Windows Terminal has received support for full keyboard selection

Microsoft has updated both stable and preview versions of Windows Terminal. The stable version 1.14 includes everything from the previously released preview. So the preview channel now hosts a newer version 1.15 that adds a new mark mode that allows selecting the text in terminal using the keyboard only, and several other improvements.

Microsoft appears to be working on a lightweight Outlook version for Android

Microsoft is reportedly working on a "lite" version of the Outlook app for Android. The lite version could eventually replace the current Outlook for Android client. However, it seems much more logical for Microsoft to have both applications simultaneously.

MSEdgeRedirect has reached version 0.7, adds image search redirections

MSEdgeRedirect is a must have tool for everyone who aren't happy with Bing integrated too much in Windows 11. The app allows you to use alternative search engines where possible. Also, it makes it possible to open links in your favorite web browser instead of Edge. This affects all links in all apps, including apps from the Store, and links in the Settings app. Version 0.7 of MSEdgeRedirect further expands its capabilities to image searches, and includes reliability fixes.

ViVeTool 0.3.1 allows enabling features by names, boot persistence, and much more

ViVeTool is one of the tools that need no introduction for enthusiasts. The app is the real game changer when it comes to hidden features and "controlled roll-outs" in Insider builds of Windows 10 and Windows 11. If something new is not available in your most recent Insider release, it is a matter of a couple commands to get it working. Tabs in File Explorer, new Search applet, and tens of other features were revealed with ViveTool. This excellent piece of software has now reached version 0.3.1 that brings with it a lot of novelties.

Rufus now eliminates Windows 11 Microsoft Account requirement and privacy questions

With version 22H2, Microsoft has made the Microsoft Account requirement mandatory for all editions of the OS. The change wasn't welcomed by the community, so enthusiast quickly found ways to bypass it. Now those who use Rufus to create a bootable media, can now use the tool to install Windows 11 without creating a Microsoft Account and made the setup program less annoying.