Microsoft plans to retire Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT)

Starting in Windows 11 Build 25276, Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool, or simply MSDT, includes a hidden app deprecation notification with a link to the appropriate support page. The EOL time is set somewhere in 2025 that indicates that next-gen Windows version will not offer it, or may not support it after all.

PowerToys is getting a Quick Settings-like launcher

Microsoft is working on a new launcher for their all-in-one PowerToys toolset. It aims to offer a simplified but yet convenient way of starting the apps. Since the number of 'toys' continues to grow, the default 'Settings-like' UI makes it harder to find and run them. Here the new Quick Settings-like UI comes into play.

PowerToys 0.64.0 released with new tools, File Locksmith and Hosts File Editor, and settings backup

Microsoft today released a new PowerToys version 0.64. It makes two new tools available to everyone. One of them, File Locksmith, will show you what process is preventing you from deleting or moving the file. Another one, Hosts File Editor, is an easy-to-use tool for changing the hosts file. Finally, PowerToys can now export/import their settings.

The unified OneNote app for Windows is now available in the Microsoft Store

In August 2021, Microsoft announced its intention to combine existing versions of OneNote for Windows into a single app. The company had two versions of OneNote coexisting + a web app. Each had its own name. Windows 11 had its own OneNote version. Now they are unified into one app.

Microsoft is working on a new PC Manager app that optimizes Windows 11 and 10

The Redmond firm is developing a new app that will help you to clean up and optimize the operating system. Simply called 'PC Manager', it includes features like temp file removal, startup app and process manager, a simple "threat" scanner which includes Windows Update status and default browser checks. There is also a storage analyzer that can uninstall apps and find large files.

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