Microsoft PowerToys 0.56.1 includes 128 FancyZone and Find my mouse on pointer shake

Microsoft has released a new version of their PowerToys suite. The company has switched to the 0.56.x branch from from 0.55.x used for previous releases. While it focuses on stability improvements, there are also major changes included in the latest version. Specially, FancyZones zone limit is now set to 128 zones (previously it was 40). Also, it will now show you a 'what's new' page to make you familiar with all the changes made to the apps.

Chrome OS Flex is the official Chrome OS release for regular PCs

Google has finally introduced a variant of Chrome OS that runs on traditional desktop PCs. As you probably know, until now Chrome OS was exclusive to Chromebook, Chromebase & Chromebox devices.  Google targets its Chrome OS Flex edition for upgrading existing legacy systems to extend their lifecycle, reducing costs (for example, no need to pay for an OS and additional software such as antivirus), improving infrastructure security, and unifying software used by companies and educational institutions.

Winget 1.3 Preview is now available with experimental features

Earlier this month, Microsoft released Windows Package Manager (also known as winget) version 1.2.10271. The release brought new features and improvements but also disabled some experimental capabilities. Now Microsoft is back with a new preview version of winget. Windows Package Manager 1.3.432 Preview is available for Windows Insiders in the Dev channel, plus Windows Package Manager Insiders.

Microsoft has released Visual Studio Code 1.64 for Windows, Mac and Linux

The Redmond firm has released Visual Studio Code 1.64. The app is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux. This is the first major update of the new year that adds more flexibility to the window layouts, including a new button in the title bar. There is a new the Side Panel, a new surface in the workbench opposite the Side Bar.