Microsoft Edge will soon allow you to rewrite text with AI

Microsoft is integrating more and more AI-powered features to all its products. The Edge browser is not an exception. It already handles the Bing Chat bot and Windows Copilot, and more to come. In the near future, you will be able to rewrite any text you typed in the Edge browser with help of AI. The process takes just a couple of clicks.

Microsoft invites developers to build sidebar extensions for Edge

Microsoft has announced extension support in the Edge browser. This new feature allows users to quickly access to frequently used tools and information. Examples of sidebar extensions include note-taking apps, weather widgets, and news feeds. Compatible sidebar extensions will be hosted in Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Edge brings back EPUB support, here’s how to enable it

Back in 2019, Microsoft removed EPUB from both Edge Chromium and the legacy app version. But the good news is that the company has finally restored it in the latest Edge version 117.0.1989.0 (Canary). So you no longer need a third-party viewer to read the EPUB files.

Microsoft Edge now blocks abusive and fake notifications from websites

Microsoft Edge has made changes to help users avoid spammy and misleading website notifications.  The Redmond firm collaborates with law enforcement to identify harmful notifications that falsely claim a computer is infected with a virus and trick users into downloading malware disguised as virus removal tools. The change goes live with Edge 113 and above. These versions of the browser will hide such spammy notifications, instead showing an indicator in the address bar.

Microsoft Edge now has a 5 GB traffic limit for its free VPN

Microsoft has recently changed the traffic volume for the free VPN feature in its Edge browser. Users can now enjoy up to 5 GB of data usage when utilizing the built-in "Secure Network" service. The company has launched it in testing with the 1GB data cap for the free plan, and it has been released with the same limitation to the public. Finally, this has changed.

In addition to a bunch of existing add-ons, Microsoft Edge is getting a photo viewer

Microsoft Edge is getting more and more features that you would not expect to see in a web browser. The latest addition is an integrated photo viewer. It includes an thumbnail strip that exposes all images in a folder, and the ability to open image in a dedicated window.

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