Edge will get smoother scrolling on displays with VRR support

The latest release of Microsoft Edge Canary includes a new feature that can  significantly improve scrolling on FreeSync displays. The browser will be able to temporarily increase the screen refresh rate by using Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) technology for smoother scrolling.

Edge now lets you manually add passwords to the built-in manager

Microsoft is continuously improving the built-in password manager in the Edge browser. It can detect password leaks, show password strength, sync your data across devices, suggest hard-to-crack passwords, etc. With a recent update in the Canary channel, Microsoft Edge is one step closer to being a fully-fledged password manager that satisfies the needs of an average consumer. Users now can manually add passwords to store them within a Microsoft account.

Microsoft Edge now lets you “Follow” RSS feeds

About three months ago, Microsoft Edge Canary received a new mysterious experimental flag called “Followable Web.” It did not work back then, and its purpose was unknown. In the latest update to Edge Canary, Microsoft has finally enabled the “Followable Web” feature, allowing users to track changes on various web pages.