Microsoft explains how the sidebar in Edge can make you more productive

One of the recent additions in the Microsoft Edge browser is the sidebar that hosts web apps for faster access. The links are available for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, and OneNote. There are also tiny tools like unit converter, world clock, calculator, and so on. Microsoft believes that they can help you become more productive.

Chrome and Edge titlebar context menus now support the dark theme on Windows

As you may remember, Chrome developers managed to find a way to make the context menu of the window frame support the native dark theme on Windows.  Edge has finally received the same change, as they both are Chromium-based. So when you run Windows in dark mode, you have a solid appearance.

Edge 104 stable enables Enhanced Security mode for everyone

Microsoft Edge version 104.0.1293.47 is now available in the stable channel. It is the first browser release that enables the Enhanced Security feature by default. Formerly known as "Super Duper Security Mode", it had two options, Balanced and Strict. Starting with Edge 104 stable, it now adds new mode, "Basic", which is enabled by default.

Edge for Android is getting a built-in PDF viewer

Microsoft has added a built-in PDF viewer to the Android version of the Edge browser. This can be a small advantage over Chrome, which doesn't include anything like that on mobile. Google's solution is to use a viewer offered by their Google Drive app. For whose who don't have GDrive or any other PDF viewer installed, Microsoft's browser can be in handy.