Edge Dev 104.0.1287.1 is out with 3 new features and several improvements

This week's Edge Dev 104.0.1287.1 is now available to Insiders and for downloading from the official website. In the official announcement, Microsoft reminds once again that Internet Explorer is no longer supported starting today, and recommends switching to Edge. Today's release doesn't offer much. There are a few new features, and a short list of improvements and fixes.

The first release of Edge 104 is now in the Dev channel, Edge 103 in Beta

Microsoft Edge 104.0.1271.2 enters the Dev channel, following the previous announcement for Edge 103 being the last build in there. From now, Microsoft will release Edge 103 builds to the Beta channel. Edge Beta 103.0.1264.13 is the first update from the 103 branch. Here are the changes.

Microsoft Edge receives a built-in note and file sharing feature called Drop

Microsoft is working on a built-in file and note sharing service for its Edge browser. The new feature is called "Drop". The data you are sharing via the Drop service will be synced across all your instances of Edge, regardless of the platform. E.g. a note filled in on Windows will be available on other Windows devices, along with Edge on Linux and Android running under the same Microsoft account.

Edge Dev 103.0.1264.2 is the last release from the 103 branch, comes with new features

Microsoft is about to switch to Edge 104 in the Dev channel, so they released the last binaries from the Edge Dev 103 branch. Developers are teasing "many new and exciting things" coming to the browser. As of now, the Dev channel hosts Edge Dev 103.0.1264.2, which comes with the following list of changes.