Winaero Tweaker 1.40 is here with new features and fixes

I am releasing a new version of Winaero Tweaker. Traditionally, there are some fixes and updates, as well as new features. It now can properly recognize Windows 11 22H2 and its successor. Also on Windows 11, it will allow you to show tray icons on two or three rows, enable stickers, remove the Spotlight icon from Desktop, remove "add to favorites" from context menu, and more. There are also new features for other Windows versions.


What's new in Winaero Tweaker 1.40

  • The app now properly detects Windows 11 version 22H2.
  • I've changed how it shows the available memory size.Tweaker 1.40 Ram Info
  • You can now use it to remove the Add to favorites item from the context menu.Tweaker 1.40 Remove Add To Favorites
  • Also, when you remove "Open in Terminal" from the context menu using Winaero Tweaker, it now also removes the "Open in Terminal Preview" command if you have the latter installed.
  • If you set Windows Spotlight as your desktop background, you can remove its icon from the desktop.Tweaker 1.40 Remove Spotlight Icon
  • Using Winaero Tweaker 1.40, you can make the taskbar show tray icons in two or three rows.Tweaker 1.40 Tray Icon Rows
  • I have updated the "Disable SmartScreen" to disable it for Store apps.Tweaker 1.40 Disable Smartscreen
  • You can now enable the "Desktop Stickers" hidden feature in Windows 11 22H2+.Tweaker 1.40 Enable Stickers
  • There is an option to enable Recycle Bin for removable drives.Tweaker 1.40 Enable Recycle Bin For Removable Drives
  • The option to disable Windows ads has been updated to work properly in Windows 11.Tweaker 1.40 Disable Ads
  • I have added the "Restart Explorer" option to Tools in Winaero Tweaker. Sometimes I need to restart it quickly. Maybe some of you will also find the new option useful.Tweaker 1.40 Restart Explorer Tool

Other changes

In Windows 11 version 22H2 the ability to re-enable the ribbon UI in File Explorer has gone. Also in this version, Microsoft doesn't allow to move the newer taskbar from the bottom. So I am hiding these options on 22H2+.

Finally, I have done general fixes and improvements which doesn't change anything in the UI of the app. For example, "Disable Web Search" requires you to sign out from your user account, but Tweaker didn't show the request.

Download Winaero Tweaker 1.40

You can download Winaero Tweaker using the following links.

Other resources.

Release History | The list of Winaero Tweaker features | Winaero Tweaker FAQ

Thanks to everyone involved in this release, and special thanks to every single Winaero Tweaker user. Let's stay sane during this crazy time.

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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

Sergey Tkachenko is a software developer who started Winaero back in 2011. On this blog, Sergey is writing about everything connected to Microsoft, Windows and popular software. Follow him on Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube.

36 thoughts on “Winaero Tweaker 1.40 is here with new features and fixes”

  1. I have used Winaero Tweaker for years, maybe even from day 1. I think it is the best Tweaker for Windows there is, and I have tried most of them, as you do. So I just want to say, thanks for the tool Mr Tkachenco.

  2. Hi Sergey Love your tweak program however your latest one v1.40 my antiviral deletes the .exe file
    I have Kaspersky
    Event: Object deleted
    User type: System user
    Application name: explorer.exe
    Application path: C:\Windows
    Component: File Anti-Virus
    Result description: Deleted
    Name: UDS:DangerousObject.Multi.Generic
    Precision: Exactly
    Threat level: High
    Object type: File
    Object name: WinaeroTweaker.exe
    Object path: D:\Winaero Tweaker v1.40\Winaero Tweaker
    MD5: 6BB0AB3BCD076A01605F291B23AC11BA

    Thank You

  3. Hi Sergey,

    Awesome release as always. Appreciate your efforts.

    Just want to let you know that Kaspersky is flagging this release as Trojan.

  4. Hello. Thanks for the update. A few minor issues. If you could fix the typo in “Enable Recycle Bin for removable drivers”. Also, I do not see restart explorer in the tools menu. Only Settings is present. I’m on Windows 10.

  5. Hi Sergey. Suggestion: Option to remove “Format” from the context menu for drives.
    It will be great, if you can do that.

  6. Enabling Winaero 1.40 Classic Taskbar in 11 Insider 22H2 still causes Explorer to crash on 2 PCs. That kills the ability to connect with other PCs in my home network. Disabling Classic Taskbar restores usable connections as well as permitting other Explorer functions.

  7. “Unblock Downloaded Files Context Menu” no longer works properly on my system. When clicking it from a file’s context menu, Windows opens the “Open with” menu. After hitting ESC to exit the “Open with” menu, it will unblock some files like “.exe” extensions, but it doesn’t unblock others like- “” downloaded from here, for example. I don’t have another pc to check if this is only my system or not, so does anyone else have this issue?

    -Win 10 Pro 21H2 OS build 19044.1766

    1. As an addition/tagalong to this
      Importing reports success but when you check on the entry its unchecked and not in the context menu

  8. I need to “Disable” Auto Arrange and or Group “None” in Large icon view for all File Explorer folders and files. I need them to stay in the same order, sorting, and placement within the window that I left them! I have the latest Windows 10 build 19044.1826 (as of today 7/30/22) will Winaero Tweaker do this for me?

  9. Cool! I’d like to share it
    But this tool doesn’t have other languages, and my friends have to translate one by one…
    So can you add some other languages please? (Google Translate also OK)

  10. как обновить или переустановить программу с сохранением настроек?

  11. Hi, after switching on the Classic Taskbar toggle, the Start menu and Windows Explorer isn’t opening. Please help me as I cannot use my laptop without accessing my files and folders

    1. Disable the Classic Taskbar toggle.
      It no longer works in 22H2.
      Run Task Manager (ctrl + shift + esc) and and click on “new task”, then open the winaerotweaker.exe file, and remove the check mark.

      1. Thats too bad, since the major feature for me was the classic taskbar so i can have it, well not at the bottom.

        I rolled back and that fixed it. Any chance of it getting updated and fixed for next version?

  12. Hi Sergey,
    I have tried using both Tweaker and your standalone reg files to add new file context menu. I was interested in .ps1. Both methods do not work on W1indows 11 22623.1095. Tested .vbs as well with Tweaker and that doesn’t work either. Seems something is generally broken.
    Any ideas?

  13. Feature Request:
    Easy identification of which tweaks are system wide vs user.
    I setup account, applied tweak import, created new user, not all settings applied.

    I simply applied them again, but it would be nice to have a system vs existing user understanding*
    *Bonus Request, the ability to chose which one is applied.

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