Winaero Tweaker 1.20 is out with Windows 11 support and tons of new features

I am excited to roll-out a new Winaero Tweaker. It hits a major milestone in the app's lifecycle, as being the first release which is able to detect Windows 10 version 21H1, and the newest Windows 11. Also, there are several bugfixes and performance improvements.


I even changed the major version number. Can't wait to tell you about the new features.

What's new in Winaero Tweaker 1.20

Initial Windows 11 support

Winaero Tweaker Windows 11 Info Page

Winaero Tweaker now supports Windows 11. I even added a new tweak that you can use on the first public build to change its taskbar size. You will find it under Desktop and taskbar > Windows 11 taskbar size.

Winaero Tweaker Windows 11 Taskbar Size

Note: I took all today's screenshots on Windows 11. This doesn't mean that all the new tweaks are exclusive to Windows 11. They are available in previous Windows versions too.

System restore: You can create a restore point right from the app

There have always been many complaints that Winaero Tweaker does not allow you to create a system restore point from its user interface. This has changed, now you can.

Winaero Tweaker System Restore

The new tool allows you to create a new restore point, add "create restore point" context menu, and quickly manage its options, all from one place. I tried to create a simple but effective GUI.

Disable Automatic Repair Boot loop

This was on demand for long. Finally, Winaero Tweaker will allow you disable the Auto Repair feature in Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows 8/8.1. If you are not happy to see the Automatic Repair starting each time something happens to your operating system, you can now disable it with ease.

Winaero Tweaker Disable Auto Repair

Print Screen key sound

If you want Windows play a sound every time you press Print Screen/Alt + Print Screen keys to capture a screenshot, Winaero Tweaker will allow you to get it done with one click. Just tick this checkbox and you are good to go.

Winaero Tweaker Print Screen Sound

You can also customize the sound. By default it will be set to the Windows Notification sound.

Windows Terminal context menus

A new set of tweaks allows you to customize context menus for the modern Windows Terminal app. You can hide the default "Open in Windows Terminal" menu entry, or add a cascading menu with profiles. The latter will allow you to open the app to the current folder with the desired profile, such as PowerShell, Command Prompt, PowerShell 7, and WSL. The same can be done as administrator using the appropriate option. Finally, you can make the menu only appear when you press and hold the Shift key.

Winaero Tweaker Windows Terminal Context Menu

Winaero Tweaker Windows Terminal Context Menu In Action

Windows Tools context menu

In addition to the desktop shortcut for this new Start menu folder, you can add it right to the Desktop right-click menu. Both are a convenient way to access built-in administrative tools.

Winaero Tweaker Windows Tools

 Windows Security context menu

Similar to the above, you can add Windows Security to the desktop context menu. It will appear as a cascading entry, so you will be able to access its pages and tools directly.

Winaero Tweaker Windows Security Context Menu

Run or modify menu for PS1 files

If you often work with PowerShell files, you will find useful the following option.

Winaero Tweaker Run Modify PS1 Context Menu

Winaero Tweaker allows you to add a cascading menu for PS1 files which include the ability to edit scripts with Notepad, PowerShell ISE, and run them with either default PowerShell version or PowerShell 7.

Other changes


  • Winaero Tweaker now recognizes Windows 10 version 21H1 properly.
  • Also, I made some changes to make the app start faster. Though there is still a room for improvements.
  • Pressing Ctrl+F in search box selects existing text

Finally, I've added a new toolbar button, Home, which take you back to what you set as your "Home" page in Winaero Tweaker with one click.

Winaero Tweaker Home Button


  • I've fixed the Sign-in message tweak. It had a bug which didn't import the message text, instead using the message title twice.
  • Fixed: Winaero Tweaker didn't export the "Display last sign-in info" option.
  • Fixed: The Desktop folder is now properly detected in the app.
  • Adjusted the Aero Shake tweak for the changed behavior in 21H1+.
  • Windows Defender tweak now detects again that Anti-tamper protection is enabled under 21H1+.
  • "Select visible tweaks" and "Import/Export" windows now close when you press the Esc key.

As always, I would like to say BIG THANKS to each and every Winaero Tweaker user for everything you do make the app better.


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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

Sergey Tkachenko is a software developer who started Winaero back in 2011. On this blog, Sergey is writing about everything connected to Microsoft, Windows and popular software. Follow him on Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube.

48 thoughts on “Winaero Tweaker 1.20 is out with Windows 11 support and tons of new features”

  1. I noticed that on windows 10 you could unlock the taskbar on windows 11 but no … I find it very uncomfortable

  2. Wow! Lot earlier than Windows 11. Thanks for continuous updates and useful features. Really appreciate it.

    PS: “Download Winaero Tweaker” link mentioned above downloads 1.19

      1. Fixed.

        Please redownload the file.
        LOL, forgot to return the detected name. That’s happens.

        1. Hi Sergey, I uninstalled it with IObit uninstaller, re-downloaded and installed it. Still the same error. Could we bump up minor version if that is causing the issue?

  3. Первая ссылка “Download Winaero Tweaker” скачивает файл размером 32 байта и содержимым “PK0x000 0xffe0 00 5400 3400 0000”.

  4. Opening elevated command prompt, first opens powershell for some reason and then opens command prompt.

  5. Didnt see a fix for Bookmarks on Portable version, will try again.
    Also need to list out which items dont export.

    Thanks for all the work as always.

    1. I am thinking to get rid of the ‘portable’ version of the app.
      It doesn’t really work as portable anyway and leaves traces in the Registry. And they are mandatory for the app to work.

  6. Just want to say thank you for all your hard work, and for this site, and for Wineaero Tweaker. As someone who is tired of fighting with Microsoft, this site has been invaluable for documenting feature update changes, and coverage regarding what’s coming down the pipe so I can better prepare.

    I appreciate you!

  7. Hi. Please please please find a tweak to restore the traditional CONTEXT MENUS – instead of the new ones with the “Show More Options” deal.

    Turns out everything I want to do with the context menu lives on the “…more…” menu.


  8. Hi Sergey,

    Can you make a setting to return the Win 11 Desktop Right Click Context Menu to the same view that Windows 10 had. And not be the new shortened version of the menu that requires a 2nd click at the bottom of the menu to see all the items in the menu. It seem that Microsoft has brought these “shortened menus” back from the trash heap of history, where they were put after MS last used them in their Office version of 1997.

  9. I greatly appreciate your work. As an IT Technician, Winaero regularly helps me make users’ computers more efficient.

  10. When will you finally release a version with a language file so that Winaero can be translated into other languages and, above all, the texts displayed in menus (right click, desktop) can be displayed in the local language.

  11. I just installed KB500945 yesterday and my Nvidia Display driver got replaced by windows update even though I have “Disable Driver Updates” checked in winaero Tweaker 1.2.0.

    Win 10 Pro
    OS Build: 19042.1083
    Experience: 20.222.3530.0

  12. Hi, when i custumize my quick access item, there’s a duplicated folder of it at the bottom of the file explorer. Is there a way to fix this?

  13. Winaero tweaker 1.20 / 1.20.1 mis-identify Windows 10 21H2 insider preview builds as “version 2004 (20H1)”
    currently running Win10 21H2 Education edition x64 build 19044.1149

  14. After I have used the tweak to remove shortcut arrows on desktop icons in Windows 10 (i.e. by selecting ‘no arrow’) and restart, a green tick in a circle appears instead after about twelve seconds. What am I doing wrong?

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