Surface Duo is set to receive Android 11 this Summer

Despite promising three years of regular updates to Surface Duo, Microsoft so far has been relatively slow with releasing new firmware. While Google Pixel owners are already looking to get the first preview of Android 12, those rocking Surface Duo still wait for Microsoft to ship Android 11. There is no official information on when the new Android version for Surface Duo lands, but rumors say that the first major update will come out this Summer.

Microsoft brings Password Autofill to Chrome and mobile platforms

Today, Microsoft announced a big update to its Authenticator app and a new Autofill extension. These updates will help you keep all the passwords safe in your Microsoft Account and make them available not only in the Edge browser but also in Chrome and the apps on your smartphone.

Project Latte will bring native Android apps to Windows 10 Desktop

Microsoft is working on a new software layer that will allow Android apps to run in Windows 10 with no modification from app developers (or with a slight modification for some apps). Currently known as Project Latte, it will also allow devs to publish their Android apps on Microsoft Store, so users will be able to get them the same way they get modern Windows apps today.

33% of Android devices soon won’t be able to recognize Let’s Encrypt certs

Let's Encrypt, a non-commercial certification authority controlled by the community and providing certificates free of charge to everyone, has announced the upcoming transition to generating signatures using only its own root certificate, without using a certificate cross-signed by the IdenTrust certification authority. The cross-signed certificate expires on September 1, 2021. This means that 33% of Android devices will stop recognizing Let's Encrypt certificates.

Microsoft is working on cross-device copy paste between Windows and Android

You may be aware of the Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard for Android (and not just for Android). The app, which was acquired by Microsoft and now comes with their branding, is often preinstalled on many modern devices. It came to our knowledge that the Redmond software giant is working to add a cloud sync feature to the app.

Days of Google Play Music are over, it will be replaced by YouTube Music

Google has announced that the company is finally discontinuing their Play Music app and service. The users will no longer be able to buy new music, and are advised to transfer their library to YouTube Music, a new service that Google actively promotes.

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