These are new Surface devices powered by Snapdragon X, joined by other OEMs

As the May 20 event was mostly dedicated to Surface and "new era PCs", Microsoft has announced new variations of Surface Laptop and Surface Pro powered by the Snapdragon X chip. Also, there are now new devices with the same option from Dell, HP, Acer, ASUS & Lenovo.

HP now forces you to have HP Smart installed, otherwise the printer won’t print

HP disables printing access for printers until users install the HP Smart app in addition to drivers. Earlier this month, a HP LaserJet M110w printer user reported that the manufacturer of office equipment had seemingly disabled the printer's printing capability without providing a clear reason.

Snapdragon X Plus for Windows on ARM is officially revealed

Qualcomm has announced the Snapdragon X Plus desktop processor for laptops running Windows on ARM. This chip will be cheaper than the flagship Snapdragon X Elite, but it will still offer good performance for everyday tasks, games and AI-powered features. Snapdragon X Plus will be used in mid-range devices.

Surface Pro 10 based on Snapdragon X Plus specs leaked on Geekbench

In May, Microsoft will debut the consumer versions of the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6, both powered by the latest ARM processors from Qualcomm. The event will be held in Seattle on May 20th. But the specs of the upcoming devices have been leaked to the public.

Microsoft: Windows on ARM devices will be able to outperform Apple Air series

It took Qualcomm several years to build a truly powerful ARM desktop processor, crucial for the success of Windows on ARM. Meanwhile, Apple has successfully released multiple generations of devices featuring its own ARM-designed processors, seeming to dominate the market without any real competition in sight.

Microsoft: The Copilot key is not required for Windows 11 device certification

Microsoft has confirmed that device manufacturers do not need to replace one of the Win buttons on keyboards with a button to launch the Copilot AI assistant in order to be officially certified for Windows 11. The location of the Copilot key may vary by manufacturer, but it is typically found to the right of the space bar opposite the Win key.

Microsoft-branded mice and keyboards will now be produced by Incase

In January 2024, Incase made an announcement regarding their partnership with Microsoft. They stated that various Microsoft-branded accessories such as wireless and wired ergonomic mice, keyboards, webcams, speakers, headsets, and more will continue to be marketed under the Incase Designed brand. This collaboration benefits both companies.

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