How to enable Copilot in OneNote Insider Preview

If you're a Microsoft OneNote user, you can now enable an early preview of Copilot. It is a new AI chatbot that aims to enhance your experience with Office apps and other Microsoft products. Copilot has the potential to be a game-changer for OneNote users who want to streamline their note-taking and productivity. In this guide, you will learn how to enable the Copilot feature and start taking advantage of its benefits.

How to Enable the new Copilot in Microsoft Excel

It is now possible to enable Copilot in Excel. The feature is a preview version of an AI chatbot that you can use within the Excel application to help users complete tasks more efficiently. It can understand natural language commands and provide users with relevant information and suggestions based on their needs.

Here’s how to enable Copilot in Microsoft Word 16.0.16325.2000

Recently, Microsoft announced a new AI-powered "Copilot" feature for Microsoft 365's Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams apps. It can assists the user with content creation, including text writing, spell checking, spreadsheet analysis , creating presentations and so on. Microsoft said that the Copilot feature is already in use in 20 organizations.

Microsoft may soon integrate of ChatGPT in Word, PowerPoint and Outlook

Last week, Microsoft revealed an updated Bing that includes ChatGPT, an AI powered chatbot. Microsoft makes high stakes on artificial intelligence, so you could expect it to appear in more its products. The next software and services to receive ChatGPT may be Office apps.

Microsoft has stopped blocking VBA macros in Office files, but this will soon change

Last week, Microsoft unexpectedly stopped blocking Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros in Office. But this move was a temporary change. The Redmond firm is still planning to disable VBA macros by default to improve security, but this will happen a little later.

A vulnerability allows running a Windows search from MS Office files without user interaction

There is a new zero-day vulnerability in Windows Search that allows opening a malformed search window with remotely-hosted malware executables. The user only need to open a specially formed Word document, and the search will automatically open.

Microsoft is rolling out the updated design to business and education customers

Microsoft has introduced the updated user interface of the website and the eponymous app for Windows. Currently, the company is rolling out it for business and education customers. The changes aim to make content easier to find, regardless of which Office application was used to create it.

Microsoft will soon make Office VBA macros much harder to run

VBA (Visual Basic Application) macros in Office apps are a pain for many IT Admins and regular users. Hackers often use VBA macros to infect typical Office documents and target people to steal sensitive data, spread malware, remote access, and do other sorts of nasty things. Usually, opening an infected Office document from an email attachment is all it takes to get in trouble. Microsoft now wants to fix this problem for good.

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