Dual-screen support is coming to Project xCloud on Android

The Xbox Game Pass Beta app, which works as an access point to Microsoft’s cloud gaming service Project xCloud, has received a new update with quite a significant change. Now Surface Duo owners can run games from the cloud in dual-screen mode with the image on the top screen and touch controls on the bottom screen. Microsoft demonstrated these capabilities back in 2019 when the company unveiled Surface Duo. It took quite a while for Microsoft to ship Surface Duo and even more to deliver the promised gaming experience. It looks like the wait is almost over as the promised update is now available in the Beta app. 

Project xCloud for Windows will support touch and gyro controls

Microsoft is currently actively working on a "Project xCloud" app for Windows 10. This app will serve several purposes. First, it will work as a client for cloud streaming. If your PC cannot run modern games or you want to play some console exclusive, Project xCloud will be there for you. Right now, the service is available on Android in several countries. Second, Xbox Series owners will be able to stream games from their local consoles to PCs using this app.

First Look at Project xCloud for Web

Project xCloud is a Microsoft’s streaming service that allows you to play console games on your smartphone using streaming technologies. Project xCloud is currently only available on Android in a limited set of countries, but Microsoft is on track to launch Project xCloud for Web. This will make the service available not only on PC or Mac but on iOS as well. The Verge reports that Microsoft is now testing Project xCloud for Web internally ahead of launching a public preview. 

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