Microsoft has finally brought the Surf game to iOS

Not so long ago, Microsoft unified Edge's codebase across all platforms, effectively bringing its browser on all operating systems under one umbrella. That change allowed developers to keep a single Edge version on all platforms and deliver new features faster. Still, it took Microsoft some time to release cross-platform features in Edge for all devices. One of such features is the built-in game Surf, which has only now arrived for Edge on iOS.

Intel released Windows 11-optimized GPU driver for Kaby Lake G-processors

Kaby Lake G, released in 2018, is one of the weirdest modern processors from Intel. In a nutshell, Kaby Lake G is a quirky fusion of two rivaling camps: Intel and AMD. The product offers a mobile 8th gen CPU from Intel and the RX Vega M graphics from AMD. The idea behind the project was to provide gamers with a CPU that sports significantly more powerful graphics than standard iGPU in Intel processors of that time.

Microsoft Edge begs users not to download Google Chrome

For some reason, Microsoft cannot comprehend that it does not need user-hostile practices to advertise its browser. Many users agree that Edge Chromium is one of the best alternatives to Chrome and its ever-growing list of privacy concerns. Edge no longer breaks when you try to load YouTube, and its users do not need to wait for six months or more to receive a feature update. Still, Microsoft thinks that is not enough. 

Windows 11 now lets you set the default browser with a single click

Changing the default browser in Windows 11 is a challenge. Instead of providing users with a simple toggle, Windows 11 forces you to switch file associations for more than 12 various formats. Two months after releasing Windows 11 to the public and following a major user backlash, Microsoft is finally changing how its latest operating system manages default browsers.

Microsoft Word has got the Mica blur effect on Windows 11

Earlier this week, Microsoft started rolling out redesigned Office apps in the stable channel, offering users a much-improved Windows 11-like UI. The company announced a fresh coat of paint for the Office apps alongside the Windows 11 reveal, and both are now publicly available. Still, one part of the promised Office redesign is missing in the stable channel: the Mica effect. Microsoft is currently testing the new "material" in the Office Insiders program.