Edge is about to become the second most popular browser

There is no secret that no browser can currently dethrone Google Chrome from its dominant position. Google’s browser holds an immense 65% of the market with no signs of going down. Although the first place is unreachable at this point, other browsers are actively fighting for the second spot. And it appears that Microsoft is winning.

Windows 11 will show a desktop watermark on unsupported PCs

Microsoft sparked a huge user backlash after unveiling Windows 11 minimum hardware requirements last year. No Windows 11 for you if your computer has a CPU older than Intel's 8th gen or AMD's Zen+ CPUs. Also, TPM 2.0 is a must to run Windows 11 and receive support from Microsoft.

Skype finally supports 911 emergency calls

Whenever you launch Skype or try to make a call using the infamous messenger from Microsoft, the company presents a warning that you cannot use Skype for emergency calls. That is no longer the case as Skype finally received 911 support in the United States. Skype now allows users to contact emergency services directly from the app.

Chrome will soon let you add notes to passwords

For an average user, built-in password managers in modern browsers are more than enough to keep logins safe. Google, Microsoft, and other developers constantly improve their password managers with new capabilities, such as breach checks, cross-device sync, etc. Google recently allowed adding passwords to Chrome manually, and the company will soon let you add more information to passwords stored in Chrome.

Windows 11 is getting much-improved Snap Layouts

Snap Layouts is a new feature in Windows 11 for managing windows layouts on the screen. It lets you quickly snap programs using available configurations tailored to your monitor. You can see available layouts by hovering the cursor over the maximize button. Soon, Windows 11 will get another way to snap windows.

Here are the hardware requirements for running Android apps on Windows 11

This month, Microsoft launched the first public preview of Windows Subsystem for Android, effectively allowing Windows 11 users to run Android apps on their PCs. The project does not officially support the Google Play Store (there is a guide on installing the Google Play Store on Windows 11).

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