Skype Insider now allows rewriting your messages with AI as you type

Microsoft has released a major Skype update in app's Insider version. It comes with tight integration with Bing AI that will allow you to rewrite your messages with a selected style and tone. Skype will do it on-the-fly by showing a suggestion overlay. With it, you can express your mind more fluently.

Skype finally supports 911 emergency calls

Whenever you launch Skype or try to make a call using the infamous messenger from Microsoft, the company presents a warning that you cannot use Skype for emergency calls. That is no longer the case as Skype finally received 911 support in the United States. Skype now allows users to contact emergency services directly from the app.

Skype TwinCam allows connecting two cameras during video calls

In September 2021, Microsoft made a surprising announcement about upcoming feature and design upgrades for Skype. Despite continuous efforts to make every Windows user switch to Teams, Microsoft does not plan to ditch Skype any time soon. Moreover, the company keeps supporting the services with fresh features and capabilities. The latest Skype Insider preview brings an option that allows connecting a second camera to your feed during a video call.

Microsoft released Skype 8.77 with various improvements and new features

Although Microsoft wants you to use Teams for work and personal conversations/calls, the company continues supporting Skype. Moreover, the developers recently announced a major feature update coming soon to Skype users. Microsoft plans to deliver parts of that update gradually. Some of the promised features are now available in the latest update 8.77 for Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Microsoft announced a major update for Skype

In 2017, Microsoft announced Teams - a brand-new messaging service for business customers to compete with Slack and similar applications. Since then, the company has been somewhat quiet about Skype and its fate, especially after experimenting with radical redesigns and feature upgrades. But today, the Skype team published a new blog post in which they shared their plans for a faster, more reliable and ultra-modern version of Skype.

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