Skype finally supports 911 emergency calls

Whenever you launch Skype or try to make a call using the infamous messenger from Microsoft, the company presents a warning that you cannot use Skype for emergency calls. That is no longer the case as Skype finally received 911 support in the United States. Skype now allows users to contact emergency services directly from the app.

Skype 911 emergency calls

Calling 911 from Skype has some caveats, and users need to ensure their devices are properly configured. Microsoft explains how to set up Skype for emergency calls in a support article on the official website.


911 Call Support in Skype

911 calls require location sharing for routing your call and providing location information to a nearby local emergency operator. To enable location sharing for emergency calls in Skype, launch Skype, tap your profile picture, go to Settings > Privacy, and turn on 911 emergency location sharing.

Microsoft will also present you with notices and disclosures and the Special 911 Warning of Limitations & Unavailability you need to acknowledge before proceeding. After that, Skype will let you call 911.

Note that you may need to check your device location settings to ensure the operating system does not block access to location services. Also, emergency calls are not available on Skype outside the United States.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft allows disabling emergency location sharing. In such a case, 911 services will not receive your address or a physical location in case of an emergency.

If you frequently use Skype, you may want to take a few minutes to configure the app and ensure it is ready to call 911 when in need. Of course, you can always use cellular capabilities to reach emergency services. For many, the latter will probably remain the preferable and more reliable option.

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