Windows 11 can now automatically generate Live Captions for any audio.

Among the huge number of new features, Windows 11 build 22557 brought the ability to create Live Captions, similar to how Chrome does. The new Live Captions feature supports any audio source with text, even user's dictation via the connected microphone.

Windows 11 gets an improved Settings app with new sections

One of the biggest changes in Windows 11 is a brand-new Settings app with a more modern design and improved accessibility. Microsoft has already released a couple of updates for the Settings app in Windows 11, such as the recently released section for managing subscriptions. Now a new set of improvements is coming soon to a Windows 11 PC near you.

Windows 11 Pro now requires a Microsoft Account and Internet during setup

Yesterday, Microsoft released a new Windows 11 preview build with a huge load of new features and capabilities. Windows Insiders are happy to test a new Task Manager, an improved taskbar, Start menu, and File Explorer enhancements. Sadly, the latest Windows 11 preview build also comes with a fly in the ointment. Starting with Windows 11 build 22557, Microsoft requires an active Internet connection and a Microsoft Account to set up every consumer-oriented Windows 11 SKU.

File Explorer in Windows 11 gets better OneDrive integration, Quick Access, and folders previews

Yesterday, Microsoft released new Windows 11 Dev build with various new features and improvements. Users can test a redesigned Task Manager, new Efficiency Mode for apps, and folders in the Start menu. File Explorer is another area Windows 11 build 22557 improves. The latest Windows 11 Dev update brings better OneDrive integration, enhancements for Quick Access, and items preview on folders.

Taskbar drag-and-drop and Start menu folders are back in Windows 11

Windows 11 is an overall decent and well-received OS with many good features and changes. Still, it has quite a few weird quirks users could not simply ignore. One of the biggest complaints among Windows 11 users is the lack of drag-and-drop support on the taskbar.

Windows 11 now lets you throttle down heavy apps to improve performance

After taking a brief pause in releasing Windows 11 preview builds, Microsoft is back with an absolutely massive update. Windows 11 build 22557 contains many exciting features, such as a brand-new Task Manager. Apart from offering more modern looks and dark mode support (finally!), the new Task Manager has another neat trick in its sleeves: Efficiency Mode.

Microsoft announced a brand-new Task Manager for Windows 11

Microsoft has been working on a new Task Manager for Windows 11 for quite a while now. Users noticed the first traces of a new Task Manager several weeks ago in one of the recent Windows 11 preview builds. At that moment, the redesigned Task Manager was nothing but a broken concept with a janky UI. Now Microsoft is ready for you to test the redesigned Task Manager for Windows 11.

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