Microsoft tests replacing User Agent string with Client Hints in Edge

It is now possible to enable Client Hints in Microsoft Edge.

Every time you open a webpage, your browser sends some data about your device to a server in a line of code called “User Agent String”. User Agent consists of your browser name, version, operating system, etc. This information is important for proper website functioning but at the same time, it raises some privacy concerns.

Microsoft begins removing Edge Legacy from Windows 10

Although Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is the default browser in Windows 10, classic Edge based on the EdgeHTML rendering engine is still out there buried deep inside Windows 10. Moreover, there is a way to dig it up and restore it to the former glory. If you are still using classic Edge, which is also known as Edge Legacy, you need to be aware that its days are numbered. More evidence appeared that Edge Legacy can be soon removed from the operating system.

Edge Canary receives updated Favorites Search

If you happen to have lots of saved websites in your bookmarks, finding the right one may be quite a tedious process. To help you locate the needed page, Edge offers a favorites search that you can access by clicking the Favorites button on the toolbar or with the Ctrl + Shift + O shortcut. In the latest Canary Build, developers made a small tweak to improve Favorites search and make it a little bit faster. 

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