Microsoft will manually review Winget repo submissions

Last week, Microsoft officially announced the final version of Windows Package Manager, also known as Winget. First introduced at Build 2020, Winget is now publicly available as version 1.0 on all supported Windows 10 versions. Also, the software giant plans to make Winget part of Windows 10 soon.

Winget repo is suffering from duplicate apps with malformed manifests

Last week Microsoft released the first stable version of Winget, its built-in package manager for Windows. The tool allows automating app management by installing them from a centralized repo in bulk, updating them all at once, and uninstalling them with a single command. The repo is open for public and maintained by enthusiasts, so this caused malformed app packages to appear.

Windows Package Manager 1.0 stable is out

Microsoft has released the first stable version of the Windows Package Manager for Windows 10 (aka Winget). Like package managers on other platforms e.g. on Linux, Winget makes it easy to install, update, and remove programs from a repository. This tool will be especially useful for IT professionals who manage a large number of PCs as it saves their time on software deployment.

Windows Package Manager winget is getting import, export and uninstall options

Winget, a console package manager for Windows 10, hits a major milestone in developments. Two most anticipated features, the uninstall option, and the ability to export and import the app list and finally coming to winget.

Microsoft Has Introduced Windows Package Manager Client (winget)

Windows 10 is getting a new tool, winget. It is a package manager that allows bulk installing apps and dev tools required for building a developer environment in a new or existing Windows installation, in a minimal amount of time.

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