Winget Windows Package Manager now supports the import command in preview

Winget, a console package manager for Windows 10, has finally received the option to import the app list. The feature has landed in the preview version 0.2.10771, along with the support for validating the new v1.0 manifests.


Winget is a package manager that allows bulk installing apps and dev tools required for building a developer environment in a new or existing Windows installation, in a minimal amount of time. The idea behind this winget tool is to save developer's time. Instead of clicking buttons in setup wizards for each of the app and package required for building a project, the developer can create a script that does all the job.

Winget Import Export Uninstall

Import the app list with winget

This new feature will allow the user to import a list of apps from a JSON file. The  apps from that list will be batch installed. This will automate the setup of a new computer and will do it literally with a single command.

Follow this link to get the JSON file template and learn how to create such an app list.

Other changes and features

Users can now opt-out of Windows Package Manager telemetry using winget settings. The Windows telemetry settings still take precedence if they are disabled.

The Windows Package Manager validation command has been updated to support the new v1.0 manifest schemas.

Some packages return a non-zero success code after the package has been installed. Once the v1.0 manifest schemas are in place, these non-zero success codes can be added to manifests and client will no longer report an install failure if one is returned.

Download winget

If you are a Windows Insider or part of the Package Manager Insider program, you should already have the latest version. Launch the store and check for updates if you’re an insider and you don’t have it. If you prefer to just download the client, head on over to GitHub releases page and take it for a spin. You can also join the Windows Package Manager Insider Program if you’d like automatic updates from the store, and you want to run it on your version of Windows 10.

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