How to Cast Media from OneDrive for Android

Microsoft made it possible to cast media from OneDrive for Android to a TV or any other compatible device. Here's how to use this feature.

After adding 8K video and Live Photo support to OneDrive for Android and iOS, Microsoft is back with another much-needed update. This time, the Android client for the cloud-based storage from Microsoft gets special treatment. Version 6.9.1 is now available from the Google Play Store with the long-overdue ability to cast media from mobile to Chromecasts, TVs, and other devices compatible with popular media streaming protocols.

How to check OneDrive free space and available storage capacity

Here are two methods you can use to check OneDrive free space and available storage capacity.

OneDrive is a cloud-based storage from Microsoft that offers 5GB of space for free for every customer. Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) subscribers get 1TB with no additional cost as part of their plan, but those who need even more space can upgrade up to 2TB. Microsoft used to offer unlimited storage to Microsoft 365 subscribers, but the company ditched that option several years ago following some cases of unlimited storage abuse. Still, 2TB is more than enough for a vast majority of users.

How to restore a previous file version in OneDrive

Here's how to restore a previous file version in OneDrive using File Explorer and on Web.

OneDrive version history is a useful feature that tracks all the changes you make in files stored in your account. You can follow changes in the document and quickly restore previous versions to undo changes made by your or other users with access to the file.

OneDrive for Windows is now officially available as a 64-bit app

Several months ago, Microsoft announced its plans to introduce a 64-bit version of the OneDrive sync client for Windows. This is a default app that comes preinstalled with every consumer-based Windows 10 SKU. Since the very first release, the OneDrive sync app for Windows has been available as a 32-bit app. After many years, Microsoft is finally ready to upgrade the program to a 64-bit platform.

Disable or Enable OneDrive Deleted files are removed everywhere dialog

How to Disable or Enable OneDrive Deleted files are removed everywhere dialog reminder in Windows 10. It appears when you delete OneDrive files on your PC that are already synced to the online OneDrive storage and across your devices.

Disable OneDrive Sync Auto-paused Notification in Windows 10

Here is how to disable the OneDrive Sync Auto-paused notification in Windows 10 if you find it annoying. Windows users must be familiar with OneDrive. It is a preinstalled cloud sync client app, that works using your Microsoft Account to sync your files between devices you own.

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