OneDrive web version can now work offline mode

Microsoft is rolling out the offline mode for the web version of OneDrive. Currently, it is only available to users with work or school accounts. The offline work allows opening locally downloaded files that you made available offline earlier. Besides, it allows working with the home page and the “Favorites” section. Finally, you can rename, sort, move and copy files. All changes made will be synced the next time you connect to the Internet.

OneDrive drops support for file upload from web

Starting on March 29, 2024, Microsoft will no longer allow users to upload files from a website to the OneDrive cloud service. This feature was introduced in 2021 for testing purposes, providing a convenient way for mobile users to quickly upload files to their OneDrive account without downloading them first to their devices.

Microsoft reverted controversial OneDrive storage policy

In early September, OneDrive users were informed by Microsoft regarding imminent modifications in the policy for cloud data storage. Unexpectedly, the company determined that photo albums should no longer be included in the storage quota along with the gallery. Consequently, this alteration meant that a single photo present in both the gallery and three albums would occupy four times the previous amount of space.

Microsoft introduced a new Microsoft 365 Basic plan for $1.99

Microsoft has unveiled a new Microsoft 365 Basic plan that will replace the current OneDrive subscription. It offers 100 GB OneDrive cloud space for only $1.99. The new subscription option will serve a good alternative to the limited free plan and the expensive Microsoft 365 Personal plan.

Microsoft has shared the OneDrive features it received in Q1 of 2022

Microsoft is constantly improving its cloud file sharing platform and tools for collaborative work. Being part of them, OneDrive has also received a bunch of features since the beginning of this year. Here are the OneDrive features Microsoft has released in full or in preview in Q1 of 2022.

Native OneDrive client for ARM-based PCs and Macs is now available

After bringing a photo editor to OneDrive for Web, Microsoft announced another major release for OneDrive users. Those with ARM-based Windows PCs or Macs with Apple Silicon can download a native OneDrive client currently available in public preview for Windows and macOS. Microsoft announced the new OneDrive client for ARM computers on the official Microsoft OneDrive blog.

OneDrive for Windows is now officially available as a 64-bit app

Several months ago, Microsoft announced its plans to introduce a 64-bit version of the OneDrive sync client for Windows. This is a default app that comes preinstalled with every consumer-based Windows 10 SKU. Since the very first release, the OneDrive sync app for Windows has been available as a 32-bit app. After many years, Microsoft is finally ready to upgrade the program to a 64-bit platform.

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