Windows 10 to include the Restart apps command in the power menu

In addition to the galore of new icons and traditional bug fixes, the latest Windows 10 insider build brings an interesting hidden feature to the system's power menu. When you click the power button in the Start menu, Windows 10 presents you with three options: sleep, restart, and shutdown. In build 21343, this menu includes additional hidden Restart apps after signing in command.

How to Take Page Screenshot in Firefox 88

Mozilla has removed the screenshot option from the page actions menu, here is how to take a page screenshot in Firefox 88.

There are many significant changes in Firefox looming over the horizon. Besides the drastic UI overhaul, Mozilla is tweaking some other bits and pieces in its browser. For example, the Compact UI is going away, and access to the built-in screenshot tool is also getting removed. With the release of Firefox 88, the developers is about to remove the screenshot command from the page actions menu in the address bar.

Microsoft temporarily disabled Startup Boost in Edge

With the release of Edge 88, Microsoft added a new feature called “Startup Boost.” It keeps several of Edge’s processes in the background with minimal resource footprint to help launch the browser significantly faster. Microsoft was rolling out this feature until the developers faced some unexpected issues. Due to these problems, Microsoft had to disable Startup Boost in all the channels.

Your Phone app gets a connection status indicator

After adding lots of new major features to the Your Phone app in Windows 10, Microsoft switched its focus on little things that improve the user experience. Not long ago, Your Phone received controls for quick settings, such as do not disturb mode, silent mode, music, and Bluetooth. Now, there is a new connection status indicator that shows whether your phone is connected to the app or not.

Microsoft is looking to acquire Discord for $10 billion

Unsuccessful attempts to buy TikTok and Pinterest did not discourage Microsoft, which is one of the world's most valuable companies, from looking for another promising acquisition. Recently, Microsoft bought ZeniMax Media, the parent company of famous game publishers, such as Bethesda Softworks, Arkane Studios, and Machine Games. Now, Bloomberg reports that the software giant wants to buy a popular gaming chat service, Discord.

The list of DNS over HTTPS providers is back in Microsoft Edge

With the release of Edge 86, Microsoft introduced DNS over HTTPS support (DoH) in the stable channel. It makes the browser resolve DNS queries over the encrypted HTTPS protocol. It has several advantages: DNS over HTTPS improves privacy, prevents man-in-the-middle attacks, and improves performance. Also, using DoH allows bypass censorship and connection filtering by DNS.

Microsoft continues fixing printing mess in latest cumulative updates

The recent cumulative updates that Windows 10 received this month, caused disturbance among users with Type 3 printing drivers. Any attempts to print a document on an unpatched system cause BSOD with the APC_INDEX_MISMATCH error code. Microsoft was quick to acknowledge the problem. The company offered a temporary workaround and, after a few days, released two out-of-band patches to address the issue. 

The latest update to Telegram turns messenger into a Clubhouse clone

Back in December 2020, Telegram received a big update with the new voice chat feature for groups. Today, the messenger got another major update with “Voice Chats 2.0.” The update focuses on new features for voice chats in groups and now in channels. Here what is new in this release which basically turns Telegram into a Clubhouse clone.