PowerToys 0.33 will bring customizable modules to the Run launcher

Microsoft is actively working on the next update for its set of utilities called PowerToys. Version 0.33 will bring several improvements to existing tools, such as PowerToys Run. Clint Rutkas, the PowerToys lead developer, shared more info about what is coming with the release 0.33.

Microsoft reveals new features coming soon to PDF Reader in Edge

Like any other mainstream browser, Microsoft Edge offers a built-in PDF reader to view and edit PDF documents. Over the last year, the developers brought lots of new features to this tool, and Microsoft continues working on new ones. Today the company revealed new capabilities coming soon to PDF reader in Microsoft Edge.

Project xCloud for Windows will support touch and gyro controls

Microsoft is currently actively working on a "Project xCloud" app for Windows 10. This app will serve several purposes. First, it will work as a client for cloud streaming. If your PC cannot run modern games or you want to play some console exclusive, Project xCloud will be there for you. Right now, the service is available on Android in several countries. Second, Xbox Series owners will be able to stream games from their local consoles to PCs using this app.

Enable HTTPS for Typed Domains in Google Chrome Address Bar

How to Enable HTTPS for Typed Domains in Google Chrome Address Bar.

When you type a domain name in the address bar in the current version of Google Chrome and hit the Enter key, the browser will try to open the target website over HTTP without encryption. It is up to the website software to switch to HTTPS or not. Google is about to change that in Chrome 89. There is a new feature that makes domains you type in the address bar open via HTTPS by default. Here is how to enable it.

Microsoft Edge has received resizable vertical tabs

Microsoft has released a fresh update for the Edge browser in the Canary channel. The biggest visible change in this release is the ability to resize the vertical tabs pane. In its current form available in Stable, Beta, and Canary channels, the sidebar has a fixed width, making it a bit harder to read long tab headers. Now, you can resize this bar according to your needs. This change is especially welcomed on computers with ultra-wide monitors with tons of free horizontal space. It is also worth mentioning that you can change the panel's width whether it is pinned or not.

Microsoft To Do now allows sharing lists from personal to work accounts

Collaborative work is an essential part of any productivity-based app, especially task managers. So Microsoft To Do allows sharing yours lists with other people. Still, this feature was initially limited with sharing between personal accounts, or work or school accounts related to a specifc organization. After receiving countless user feedback about this feature, Microsoft finally allows users to collaborate regardless of the account type and location.

Windows Web Experience Pack shows up in Microsoft Store

Updating and maintaining such a complex product as Windows 10 is not a simple thing. To make this process more agile and flexible, reduce updates size and installation time, Microsoft is trying to untie different components from the operating system core and deliver separate updates for them. Windows Web Experience Pack is a new component of such software type.

Adduplex: Windows 10 20H2 reaches 20% market share

In its latest report for February 2021, Adduplex informs that the most recent version of Windows 10 has reached 20% of market share with a 3.8 points increase compared to January 2021. Because there is no official statistic from Microsoft, developers need to rely on less accurate reports from similar to Adduplex agencies. The latter gathers its data from around 80,000 PCs with apps that include Adduplex SDK. In other words, this data is not that accurate.