Microsoft is working on a fix for the Windows Update 0x800f081f installation issue

On March 25, 2021, Microsoft released a new Windows 10 21H1 build in the Beta Channel with a single fix related to printing graphical content in documents. Shortly after the update went out, insiders started reporting troubles with the installation. When attempting to install Windows 10 build 19043.906 (KB5000842), Windows Update shows 0x800f091f error.

Adduplex: Windows 10 20H2 reaches almost 30% market share

According to the latest data from Adduplex, in March 2021, Windows 10 20H2 reached almost 30% market share. The latest Windows 10 version gained 9.9 points in a single month, which is quite impressive, considering Microsoft no longer forces fresh updates unless your PC runs an outdated release. Windows 10 20H2 has no significant new features and overall feels like a regular monthly patch, so there are even fewer reasons to rush the update.

Find Windows Feature Experience Pack Version Number

Here's an easy way to find the Windows Feature Experience Pack version number on Windows 10. Windows 10 2004 was not the largest update Windows have ever received. Still, this update contains one significant change that defines how the operating system receives new features down the road. It introduced a feature called Windows Feature Experience Pack (WFEP).

Download New Icons from Windows 10 build 21343

Here's how to download new icons from Windows 10 build 21343.

Microsoft is actively working on refining Windows 10 UI by bringing more Fluent Design elements. In build 21343, the company has added many fresh icons to File Explorer. Now, instead of simple yellow folders, we have plenty of rich, colorful variants, a brand-new Recycle Bin icon, and many more.

How to Disable Tab Fading in Microsoft Edge

It is now possible to disable Tab Fading for sleeping tabs in Microsoft Edge.

In recent Edge updates, Microsoft added a nifty feature called Sleeping Tabs. It freezes used tabs to preserve resources, free up some memory and reallocate it to more important tasks. Whenever a browser freezes a tab, it fades away. This helps a user to distinguish a regular tab from a sleeping one. Some people may find this behavior slightly confusing (especially considering that it is on by default), so there is a new feature to disable tab fading in Edge.

How to translate a web page in Vivaldi

Here's how to translate a web page in Vivaldi.

Similar to Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi now offers a native build-in translation service. It can automatically translate an entire web page without the need to install third-party translation extensions. Vivaldi uses a self-hosted translation engine from Lingvanex with the initial support of 22 different languages. This allows more private translation with less data sent to third parties. Here is how to translate a web page in Vivaldi.

Open History in New Tab with Ctrl + H in Microsoft Edge

It is now possible to make Microsoft Edge open History in a new tab with Ctrl + H. Earlier this keyboard shortcut was always opening the History flyout aka "Hub".

In the recent updates, the browser from Microsoft received several new compact flyouts or “hubs.” These hubs allow you to quickly check history, downloads, and favorites without leaving the currently open page. This behavior is not suitable for all users.