Vivaldi 5.3 allows you to customize the toolbar, adds command chains

A new version of the world's most customizable Vivaldi browser is out. The release brings with it advanced toolbar configuration options. Starting with Vivaldi 5.3, you can change the order of buttons, add or remove them, and you can do this for all its toolbars. Also, you can build command chains to use them as buttons and perform a sequence of actions faster.

Vivaldi 5.2 features Reading List synced with Android, Blocked Tracker and Ad Stats

The most flexible web browser with really useful features, Vivaldi, reached version 5.2. This version comes with impressive additions and changes. The reading list is not only opens in the side panel, but also syncs between your Android and Desktop browsers (requires a Vivaldi account). Besides, there is a Privacy Stats dashboard, and the long-awaited translation panel on Android.

Vivaldi 5.1 is out with tab horizontal scrolling, Reading List, and Quick Setting

Meet the new Vivaldi 5.1 release. Vivaldi is known for providing an unique flexible user interface and exclusive features that take your daily browser to a new level. Today's release adds a few more novelties that most users will welcome.

Vivaldi’s Jon von Tetzchner: the tactics of promoting Microsoft Edge are “desperate” and “anti-competitive”

Vivaldi co-founder and CEO Jon von Tetzchner criticized the Microsoft Edge browser promotion tactics as "desperate", "anti-competitive" and "familiar." Here are some of the highlights from his blog post.

Vivaldi 4.1 brings improved tab groups and custom commands

Vivaldi may not be the most popular browser in terms of market share, but it is undoubtedly the best option for those who like deep software customization. After launching a major 4.0 update earlier this year, Vivaldi Technologies is back with another big release under version 4.1.
The main highlights of Vivaldi 4.1 are improved tab groups and custom commands.

Vivaldi 4 is out with built-in Translator, Mail, Calendar, and other features

Today, Vivaldi Technologies announced Vivaldi 4.0 - the biggest release of the year so far. The latest update brings many new features to the browser, allowing users to be more productive and private. Vivaldi says version 4.0 is a big push to give users more alternatives to Big Tech.

Vivaldi 3.8 is out with Cookie Consent Blocker, Bookmarks improvements, and more

Yet another release of the excellent browser, Vivaldi. Version 3.8 of the one and the only follower of the classic Opera 12 ideas brings more control on bookmarks to your hands, and also features great improvements in the privacy area. This version doesn't include Google's FLoC, and allows you to prevent cookie content popups from appearing on sites you visit.