How to hide and disable thumbnails in Vivaldi vertical tabs

If you are using vertical tabs in the Vivaldi browser, you might not wish to see thumbnails in its tabs, as they occupy too much space. In this article, we continue our Vivaldi customization tutorials by showing you how to hide thumbnails in Vivaldi when using vertical tabs.

How to change Vivaldi browser default color scheme

We are starting to cover Vivaldi browser customization. Thanks to an HTML-based browser UI, it is possible to tweak it like never before. We will start with the browser's default color scheme. If you are interested in knowing how to change Vivaldi browser colors, read on.

Vivaldi browser v1.0.94.2 – see what is new

We covered Vivaldi previously and were particularly interested in it because it promises to be what Opera formerly was. As Vivaldi promised, they started releasing weekly snapshots. The current snapshot is Vivaldi It features several important bugfixes and improved behavior. This is good news, let's see what is under the hood of this weekly snapshot.