Vivaldi 1.3.534.3 is a privacy focused release

A new snapshot of the development version of the Vivaldi browser is out. This version comes with almost 70 fixes and improvements, including a new privacy option for WebRTC, tab hibernation for Linux and more mouse gesture possibilities.

Vivaldi got bookmark icons and multiple instance support

With two recent releases in this year, the Vivaldi browser has got some significant updates. Besides core changes, the browser got icons for bookmarked sites in the left pane. Additionally, the browser got new installer options and command line arguments which will allow the user to run multiple instances of Vivaldi and specify the browser profile from the command line.

Vivaldi is almost like a new Technical Preview

A new weekly build of the Vivaldi browser, version has been released. While this build features only a few user interface changes, developers are focused on fixing bugs. Even though we track weekly builds here, the official build which regular users can download from the Vivaldi home page is still Technical Preview 3 (TP3). But this will change soon.

Vivaldi 1.0.212 is released

A new weekly build of the innovative browser, Vivaldi is out. This time it is Vivaldi 1.0.212. This version includes several usability improvements like a new feature enhancement to popular mouse gestures and many fixes for the most frequently reported bugs from the last released build. Let's take a closer look.

Vivaldi is out with color schemes and tab switching using mouse scroll

The weekly build of the revolutionary Vivaldi browser was issued a bit late this week. Instead of Monday, developers released it only yesterday due to serious bugs which they fixed before rolling out the build to the public. Vivaldi features several improvements and interesting interface changes. Let's see what is new.

Vivaldi is out, features new UI options

The Vivaldi browser developers who intend to make it a powerful replacement for the now abandoned Opera 12 have released a new weekly build of their browser. Unlike many previous builds, changes in Vivaldi are notable for the regular user as they are not only under the hood but also in the user interface. Let's take a closer look.

Vivaldi features improved hotkeys, spatial navigation and a few other interesting changes

Yesterday, the Vivaldi team rolled out a new weekly build of their revolutionary web browser. Unlike the previous release, this one does not come with lots of changes. However, a few changes and bug fixes are very interesting. Let's explore them.

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