Vivaldi 3.8 is out with Cookie Consent Blocker, Bookmarks improvements, and more

Yet another release of the excellent browser, Vivaldi. Version 3.8 of the one and the only follower of the classic Opera 12 ideas brings more control on bookmarks to your hands, and also features great improvements in the privacy area. This version doesn't include Google's FLoC, and allows you to prevent cookie content popups from appearing on sites you visit.

Vivaldi and Brave announced plans to block FLoC – Google’s cookie alternative

Not so long ago, Google announced its plans to replace traditional cookies in your browser with something called FLoC. FLoC stands for Federated Learning of Cohorts and, in theory, should enhance users' privacy by reducing the amount of data advertisers get, and making it harder to create a unique ID for each user.

How to translate a web page in Vivaldi

Here's how to translate a web page in Vivaldi.

Similar to Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi now offers a native build-in translation service. It can automatically translate an entire web page without the need to install third-party translation extensions. Vivaldi uses a self-hosted translation engine from Lingvanex with the initial support of 22 different languages. This allows more private translation with less data sent to third parties. Here is how to translate a web page in Vivaldi.

Vivaldi 3.6 is out with two-level tab stack

The Vivaldi browser team today released a new version of the world's most feature rich Chromium- based browser. Vivaldi 3.6 again exceeds users' expectations by adding more flexibility to the tab row. You can now enable a two-level tab stack that expands the tab group downward instead of taking up space in the tab row.

Vivaldi 3.5 for Android comes with privacy and usability improvements

Some time ago the team behind the innovative Vivaldi browser launched a counterpart project for Android. The team ships beta versions for enthusiasts, and the stable version of the new fully-featured Vivaldi for Android for regular users, both require Android 5+. A new stable version of the browser, Vivaldi 3.5, introduces new privacy and usability features with a number of other improvements.

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