Vivaldi Launches Mail, Calendar, and RSS Feed Reader

Vivaldi, the most innovative Chromium-based browser, has got a ton of new features. Like the classic Opera browser, Vivaldi now has Mail, Calendar, and Feed Reader components. They are already available in today's technical preview release.


The official announcements states.

This snapshot is the start of the Vivaldi Mail, Calendar and RSS technical previews 🎉🎈🥳. As these are new features of pre-Beta quality, they are not enabled by default. However, for those of you willing try them in their unfinished state, you can now enable them via “vivaldi://experiments” (you will need to restart the browser after doing so). Updates to our preview, will be included in all future snapshots.

These features require a fair bit more polish and hence will not be finished and ready in time for the release of Vivaldi 3.5 stable. However, you will be able to access them via experiments, there as well. Nonetheless, if you want the latest and greatest fixes and improvements to these new features, you should be using snapshots, as no further fixes will be included in 3.5 stable once it goes live.

Actually, Calender and RSS are components of the built-in Mail client. The client supports IMAP and POP3 options, and CalDav calendar services. It is also possible to connect it to Vivaldi's own services, including e-mail.

Mail Vertical

Vivaldi Mail. Image by

Vivaldi Mails supports multiple accounts and aims to handle a lot of mail. It supports labels and is able to recognize most mailing lists. At a glance, the mail client as powerful as say Thunderbird.

The Feed Reader is integrated with the Mail tab in the Vivaldi sidebar. It utilizes the Chromium engine to directly render the feed content in a useful way. It marks unread items in bold and also displays a dot mark that indicates that the feed has received some updates.

Rss 1

Vivaldi RSS. Image by

The browser shows a feed button in the URL bar for sites, so you can quickly subscribe to them.

Feed 2

Vivaldi Feed Discovery. Image by

You can also import feeds  from an OPML file after exporting them from your existing feed reader.

Finally, the Vivaldi Calendar is an advanced calendar management tool. It can be accessed from the Sidebar. The user can use plenty of keyboard shortcuts. Thanks to the browser integration, it is easy to add a new event with a few clicks.

Simple View

Vivaldi Calendar with Simple View. Image by

It supports three views:

  • Its minimal view shows only the event title.
  • The full view includes all event details
  • The compact view is a cross between full and minimal view and shows a limited amount of event data.

You can try the new features by installing the Vivaldi technical preview build 2115.4 using the links in the official announcements HERE.


1 thought on “Vivaldi Launches Mail, Calendar, and RSS Feed Reader

  1. Shyam Reddy

    Thanks Sergey! I have it a try but from what I read once 3.5 goes live and we enable experimental features. It wont receive any bug fixes for Email, Calendar and RSS feed reader and we will have to wait for subsequent production release.

    Alternatively continue the snapshot stream until the above becomes stable.

    Sadly neither suits me, so for now going back 3.4 stable. :)


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