Vivaldi: two-level tab stack on desktop, external download manager on Android

The next stable version of the Vivaldi browser will bring the second row of tabs to the user interface. It can be enabled for tab groups, so a group will expand to the bottom.


The new feature can be already tested in latest snapshots of Vivaldi. It is also enabled by default starting in build 2137.3. To check it out, install the following developer snapshot of Vivaldi.

Vivaldi Two Row Tab Stack

Once you install it, create a new tab group (tab stack in Vivaldi's term). When you click on the tab stack title, a second row of tabs will be automatically shown. It will include all tabs of the group, so you can select any of them to switch to.

Vivaldi Two Row Tab Stack In Action

Quite a nice improvement. However, there are always users who do not like the change. For them, the second tab row can be disabled in Settings to restore the previous look of tab stacks.

External Download Manager support on Android

Vivaldi for Android has also received a useful option. Now it is possible to enable the Android's download manager instead of the built-in downloader feature of the Vivaldi browser. You can enable or disable it in Settings > Downloads > External download manager.

This new feature is available in the snapshot version of the app.

Vivaldi was started with the promise of giving you a highly customizable, full-featured, innovative browser. It looks like its developers kept their promise - there is no other browser on the market which offers the same amount of options and features. While Vivaldi is built on Chrome's engine, power users are the target user base, like the classic Opera 12 browser. Vivaldi was created by former Opera co-founder and developed keeping in mind Opera's usability and power. There is also a mobile version of the browser, also powerful and feature rich.

Some time ago the team behind the innovative Vivaldi browser launched a counterpart project for Android. The team ships beta versions for enthusiasts, and the stable version of the new fully-featured Vivaldi for Android for regular users, both require Android 5+.


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  1. Rick Grunwald

    Thanks for the info. I am looking forwrd to this making to the stable channel
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    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Merry Christmas Rick!
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