Vivaldi 3.7: Performance improvements, Apple M1 support, new customization options

Vivaldi 3.7 is now out in the stable channel, bringing significant performance improvements, Apple Silicon support, and additional customization options. Let's see what's new in this version of the excellent browser.


Vivaldi is most feature-rich web browser available today on the market. Made by the true professionals who were behind the classic Opera 12 browser, it can provide you exclusive, convenient and amazing browsing experience, which you will never find anywhere else. There are web panels, page filters, impressive built-in tools like Notes and screenshots, the user interface that really follows your preferences, customizable hotkeys - we can continue this list for long.

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What's new in Vivaldi 3.7


With the new version installed, Vivaldi opens new tabs and windows much faster. New tabs launch twice as fast, and new windows up to 26% more quickly than the previous release. Developers say many under-the-hood improvements contributed to significantly decreased launch time for new tabs and new windows.

It is important to note that the exact performance gains differ depending on the config you use. Vivaldi conducted their tests on a computer with Intel Core i3 CPU with 4 GB of RAM and Ubuntu 18.04. You can expect some improvements on your PC, but it is hard, if not impossible, to tell how much better the new version will be opening new tabs and windows.

Apple M1 Support

Vivaldi 3.7 also joins the list of browsers that are now running natively on the Apple Silicon-based Macs. Because the browser no longer needs to run through the translation layer, Vivaldi’s performance increased on macOS Big Sur up to two times. At the beginning of February, Microsoft also released the Apple Silicon-optimized build of the Edge browser.


Vivaldi is well-known for tons of customization and personalization options, and the latest release brings even more. Here is the list with all new features:

  • Web Panels now support Periodic Reload. Websites added to the browser’s left sidebar can periodically refresh the content depending on a user’s preferences. You can learn more about Web Panels here.
  • Decluttering Tabs into stacks with just two clicks. If you are the kind of person who keeps 69+ tabs open all the time, there is a new feature to quickly organize your mess. Clicking “Tab Stack by Hosts” will organize tabs with pages from the same domain into neat stacks.
  • Configurable context menus. Those who are not satisfied with the default context menus can now customize and remove unnecessary options.
  • Quick Commands improvements. The keyword that you search for in Quick Commands is now in bold. Also, there is a new quick command for periodic reload. For example, “Periodic reload 2” will set tabs to refresh every 2 minutes.
  • Silent Updates for Windows. The developers started working on silent updates for Vivaldi on Windows. This feature will go live in future updates.

Download Vivaldi 3.7

You can get the app installer from its official web site.

Download Vivaldi

Also, you can read a more detailed changelog with all the bug fixes and improvements on the official Vivaldi website.

Vivaldi is not the only browser to bring significant performance improvements. Recently, Google released a big update that decreases RAM consumption. Also, Microsoft is out with Edge 89, and the new Startup Boost feature reduces the browser’s launch time. In addition to that, there are Sleeping Tabs to relocate resources from inactive tabs to more essential processes.


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Author: Taras Buria

Taras is here to cover stories about Microsoft and everything around, although sometimes he prefers Apple. You can stay in touch with him on Twitter.

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  1. Thanks Sergey! Installing while we speak.

    Quite a few tab related issues cropped up since v3.6. Sadly 3.7 didn’t fix it either since I was on v3.7 snapshots hoping they fix it.

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