Vivaldi 3.5 for Android comes with privacy and usability improvements

Some time ago the team behind the innovative Vivaldi browser launched a counterpart project for Android. The team ships beta versions for enthusiasts, and the stable version of the new fully-featured Vivaldi for Android for regular users, both require Android 5+. A new stable version of the browser, Vivaldi 3.5, introduces new privacy and usability features with a number of other improvements.

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What's new in Vivaldi 3.5 for Android

Clear session browsing data on exit

Vivaldi 3.5 has received privacy options that allow you to clear browsing data when you exit your browser. You can choose what to remove every time you exit the browser. You can remove:


  • Browsing history: Clears history and autocompletions in the Address Bar.
  • Cookies and site data: Lets you sign out of most sites.
  • Cached images and files: Frees up cache memory.
  • Close open tabs.

While off by default, this function can be easily enabled. Tap the Vivaldi icon and head over to Settings → Privacy → Clear session browsing data on exit.

Disable WebRTC Broadcast IP

You can also disable WebRTC (real-time web communication), which prevents your IP address from leaking when using a privacy VPN.

WebRTC (Web Real-time Communication) is primarily used for peer to peer web applications. It leaks your (user) IP address to websites when using a VPN. Now you can disable WebRTC and protect your privacy in situations where you use a privacy VPN. You need to open Vivaldi Settings → Privacy, and then uncheck the option “Broadcast IP for Best WebRTC Performance.”

Sorting of Notes and Bookmarks

Vivaldi 3.5 brings the ability to sort your notes and bookmarks - an option that you will be familiar with from the desktop version of Vivaldi. You can also change the order of the notes as you see fit. Vivaldi supports different criteria such as sort by title, by the date of creation, or even by content. You can also reorder Notes manually.

Other changes

The update has overall improvements including enhancements in the Start Page and the User Interface. A white background at the bottom of the Navigation Bar is eliminated in this release and how it has the same color as the theme color that you are browsing with.

Download Vivaldi for Android

Download the stable version of the app here:

Vivaldi for Android

You can also download the latest preview version of Vivaldi for Android. Vivaldi Android Snapshot can be also found on Google Play:

Get the app

A detailed change log can be found in the official announcement,

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