How to Assign Keyword to Search Engine in Microsoft Edge

Here's how to assign a keyword to a search engine in Microsoft Edge. In Microsoft Edge, the address bar can handle both search queries and website addresses. By default, the browser uses Bing, but users can change the search engine in Microsoft Edge at any time. Moreover, you can add several engines and quickly switch between them using a unique keyword. This feature eliminates the need to open the search engine website in a tab, or change the browser's settings each time you want to use a different search provider.

Add or Remove Assistance Hub Button in Microsoft Edge

Here's how you can add or remove Assistance Hub Button in Microsoft Edge. In the recently released Microsoft Edge Canary Build 91.0.848.0, the Redmond software giant introduced a new Assistance Hub feature. Microsoft wants to improve the new features' discoverability, help users learn more about the browser's capabilities, and create a single place to find changelogs for updates. Of course, Assistance Hub is also another gateway to promote some features, e.g. to make you set Edge as the default browser, sign in with a Microsoft Account, sync your data, etc.

How to Enable Local Translator in Firefox (Project Bergamot)

You can now enable local translator for open pages in Mozilla Firefox. Following the recently announced privacy-minded local translation feature in Vivaldi, Mozilla is adding its own page translation codenamed Project Bergamot. Unlike Google's and Microsoft's translators, the one coming soon to Firefox does not require sending any data from a client to a translation server. This means users can retain more privacy, which is a general motto for everything Mozilla Foundation does to its browser. 

How to restore closed tab groups in Google Chrome 

You can now restore closed tab groups in Google Chrome

Tab Grouping is a neat feature that is available in Google Chrome for around a year. It helps users organize tabs into different set united by a common topic without creating dozens of individual windows. You can assign different colors and labels to each of the tab groups. Tabs Grouping is truly an amazing feature in times when people never close open pages in their browsers. 

Disable the Before you continue to YouTube message

You can disable the Before you continue to YouTube message in Chrome, Edge and Firefox. Each time you open YouTube or any other Google website in InPrivate (Microsoft Edge) or Incognito Mode (Google Chrome), the site displays the "Before you continue to YouTube" message prompting you to accept cookies before proceeding. Private modes in modern browsers do not allow storing cookies. Thus, YouTube or any other website shows a cookie consent message every time you load a page. If you find the "before you continue to" message annoying, there is a relatively simple fix for you.

Microsoft is about to limit media autoplay by default in Edge

Soon the Redmond software giant will limit media autoplay by default in Edge. Many months ago, Microsoft Edge received the ability to manage media autoplay on different websites. Those who annoyed by the flood of automatically playing videos can disable media autoplay in Edge's settings. This feature is off by default, so users need to enable it manually. Moreover, a complete autoplay block is possible only after turning on one of the experimental flags. 

Microsoft shut down Cortana on Android and iOS

Microsoft's ambitious plan to bring the voice assistant Cortana to multiple platforms came to its end. Originally launched in late 2018, the official Cortana app for iOS and Android is no longer supported. Microsoft pulled the app from Apple's App Store and Google Play Store in January 2020, and now Cortana on mobile no longer works even if you kept it installed on your device all these months.