How to restore closed tab groups in Google Chrome 

You can now restore closed tab groups in Google Chrome

Tab Grouping is a neat feature that is available in Google Chrome for around a year. It helps users organize tabs into different set united by a common topic without creating dozens of individual windows. You can assign different colors and labels to each of the tab groups. Tabs Grouping is truly an amazing feature in times when people never close open pages in their browsers. 


Unfortunately, there is one omission to this capability. When you close a tab group, there is no way to restore it - you can reopen only individual pages that were included to the close group. Google is finally addressing this issue with the ability to restore closed tab groups.

You can try the new feature in the latest Google Chrome Canary build 91.0.4466.2.  Here's how.

How to restore closed tab groups in Google Chrome

  1. Create a new tab group in Google Chrome. Add two or more pages to this group.
  2. Close the group using the context menu. Right-click the label and select Close group.
  3. Next, press the main menu button (Alt + F).
  4. Go to  the History menu and see the Recently closed section.
  5. You will see the the groups of tabs that you can restore with their respective names and label colors.restore closed tab groups in Google Chrome
  6. Finally, you can also restore the most recently closed page or group with the Ctrl + Shift + T shortcut.


From now on, Google Chrome will no longer separate closed groups into different pages. It is worth mentioning, though, that you can still restore pages from groups separately if you close each page individually.

At the time of writing this article, improved tab grouping is available in Google Chrome Canary only. You can expect this feature to arrive in the Dev channel in the coming weeks.

Recently, Vivaldi - another relatively popular Chromium-based browser for power users - received enhanced tab grouping. With this feature, Vivaldi can automatically declutter and sort your countless open tabs into stacks. Google is also working on further improving tab grouping in Chrome. Soon, the browser will get the ability to automatically create tab groups for you.

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