Immersive Reader is now available in PowerPoint and OneDrive

Microsoft announced Immersive Reader for PowerPoint for the web, OneDrive, and SharePoint Pages. Previously, Immersive Reader was available in Microsoft Edge and some Office apps. Now, users can access this great learning tool in other services from Microsoft as well.

Immersive Reader for PowerPoint for Web is currently rolling out globally to Office Insiders. Users can launch Immersive Reader for any text on a presentation slide or notes. Just select any text, right-click it and choose "Open in Immersive Reader."

PowerPoint Immersive Reader

PowerPoint Immersive Reader For Notes

On OneDrive, Immersive Reader is available for Word or any other text document straight from the context menu. Right-click a file and select "Open in Immersive Reader." This capability will be released to all users in April - May of 2021.

OneDrive Immersive Reader

Finally, SharePoint Pages will be more accessible later in April with Immersive Reader. Microsoft says it made a prototype for this mode last fall during an internal hackathon, and now it is ready for rollout.

SharePoint Immersive Reader For Pages

Learn more about updates to Immersive Reader in a post on the official Microsoft Tech Community Forum.

Immersive Reader is a part of Microsoft's digital learning toolset made to improve document accessibility and user's reading skills. You can customize the reading view with different fonts, spacing, and backgrounds, split up words into syllables, highlight different parts of a sentence, show pictures for words, or read text aloud. Immersive Reader works with plain text in Word, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Edge. Also, it supports OCR and scanned documents. Recently, Immersive Reader for Microsoft Edge received significant improvements for Wikipedia. With these enhancements, it is much easier to navigate Wikipedia articles without disabling Immersive Reader.

You can read more about Immersive Reader in the official documentation from Microsoft.

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