YouTube will direct you to verified sources for first aid video searches

YouTube is making changes to only recommend first aid videos from trusted sources in its search results. Initially, this update will impact users in the United States who use the English and Spanish versions of the platform. However, this feature will be rolled out to other countries and regions in the near future.

More than 13bn videos posted on YouTube with only 4% viewed more than 10k times

A team of researchers set out to determine the number of videos on YouTube, a challenging feat due to the complexity of estimating the volume of an internet platform. Undeterred, a group including Ethan Zuckerman, an Associate Professor of Public Policy, Communication and Information, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, along with other enthusiasts, embarked on the task. Their findings revealed that there are over 13.325 billion videos on YouTube.

You will pay more for YouTube Premium if you came from Play Music & YouTube Red

Google has recently announced that it will be raising the prices of YouTube Premium subscriptions for users who had transitioned from Google Play Music and YouTube Red. Starting in January 2024, the cost of these subscriptions will increase.

YouTube introduced intentional slowdowns for ad block users

Users have observed that YouTube is now loading slower in browsers with ad blockers. The issue was initially reported by Firefox users, who noticed a five second delay in loading YouTube videos compared to Chrome. Afterward, users of Edge, Brave, and Chrome also experienced similar problems.

Google is blocking YouTube for more ad blocker users

YouTube is stepping up its efforts to combat ad blockers. More users are now reporting issues with video playback when using AdBlock or similar browser extensions. When detecting an ad blocker, the platform now opens a warning message which gives users the option to disable the blocker, whitelist YouTube, or subscribe to YouTube Premium.

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