Disable the Before you continue to YouTube message

You can disable the Before you continue to YouTube message in Chrome, Edge and Firefox. Each time you open YouTube or any other Google website in InPrivate (Microsoft Edge) or Incognito Mode (Google Chrome), the site displays the "Before you continue to YouTube" message prompting you to accept cookies before proceeding. Private modes in modern browsers do not allow storing cookies. Thus, YouTube or any other website shows a cookie consent message every time you load a page. If you find the "before you continue to" message annoying, there is a relatively simple fix for you.

Disable New YouTube Layout (Polymer 2019)

How to Disable New YouTube Layout (Polymer 2019)

Google has rolled out a new design for their YouTube video service. The updated look, known as 'Polymer', features a number of improvements, such as larger thumbnails, faster playlist access, now button icons, and more. If you are not a fun of this restyled look of YouTube, it is possible to go back to the previous look easily.

YouTube in full-screen allows scrolling down to comments

The team behind the service has added a new ‘Scroll for details’ option to the web player for full-screen videos. Most of us use this world's most popular video hosting website, so the change should be welcomed by many users.

How to watch restricted videos on YouTube without signing in or proxy

Sometimes, when, you want to watch a video on YouTube, it asks you to sign in to continue. Another restriction is that a warning appears saying that the video you want to watch is not available in your country. Here is how to quickly bypass these restrictions and watch the desired video instantly.

How to download a YouTube video quickly without installing any apps

Many people are asking me constantly via email how to download a video from YouTube. Google has not implemented any official download option to protect copyrighted videos. However, there is a simple way to bypass that limitation and download any video you want. Here is how.

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