Microsoft Store for Xbox finally shows a list of supported languages

Microsoft haven't yet done with new features for Xbox this month. After releasing the March firmware update for Xbox One and Xbox Series, the company announced a major improvement to Microsoft Store on consoles. Now, users can check a list of supported languages for different games in the Microsoft Store for Xbox and the Xbox Game Pass app.

Microsoft confirms bug that causes BSOD with latest cumulative updates

On March 9, 2021, Microsoft released regular Patch Tuesday updates for all supported Windows versions. These updates brought lots of security fixes and several zero-day vulnerabilities patches. Unfortunately, some severe bugs arrived alongside security improvements. Many users report having trouble printing documents from different apps, and Microsoft has already confirmed the problem. 

Edge Legacy now shows banners to make users switch to Edge Chromium

On March 9, 2021, Microsoft ended Edge Legacy support. The app debuted with Windows 10 back in July 2015. From now, Microsoft will focus its efforts on modern Edge Chromium. If you do not want to switch to the newest version, you can keep using Edge Legacy for some time. Just be aware that you will no longer receive patches, bug fixes, and critical updates. Besides, Microsoft will start bombarding you with banners, urging you to update to Edge Chromium.

Microsoft no longer supports Edge Legacy

The time has finally come to say goodbye to the classic Edge, also known as Edge Legacy. Today, Microsoft ends supporting this browser, which means it will no longer receive new features, fixes, or security patches. Microsoft encourages users to switch to Edge Chromium to remain safe on the Internet and receive timely fixes, improvements, and new features.

Microsoft unifies Edge desktop and mobile codebase

Microsoft Edge offers the same user experience on all desktop platforms, excluding a few Microsoft Account-specific features missing on Linux. However, on mobile platforms things are  different. On Android, Microsoft Edge is still on Chromium 77. On iOS, the browser uses an entirely different engine due to Apple's restrictive policies. This fragmentation makes developing the browser much more challenging and slower. To maintain all three versions and release new features simultaneously, Microsoft has to code a single thing three times. The first is for desktop, the second is for Android, and the third is for iOS. To get rid of this obstacle, Microsoft is working on unifying the codebase between all platforms.

Immersive Reader in Microsoft Edge now supports Wikipedia

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge use lots of shared code thanks to the underlying Chromium project, but the latter offers more exciting and unique features. The Immersive Reader is one of the tools that set Edge apart from the mainstream competition. It allows users to customize the reading experience and make it more accessible. Microsoft continually improves Immersive Reader and adds new capabilities. Besides, it actively enhances compatibility with different websites. Wikipedia is the latest such addition.

AMD processors are coming to 13-inch Surface Laptop 4

15-inch Surface Laptop 3 is the only computer from Microsoft that runs on AMD CPU. According to the recent report from WinFuture, Microsoft is about to end this exclusivity. In the upcoming Surface Laptop 4, the company will offer AMD configurations in both 13-inch and 15-inch form-factors. Users will be free to choose what CPU they want in both sizes.