Your Phone app gets a connection status indicator

After adding lots of new major features to the Your Phone app in Windows 10, Microsoft switched its focus on little things that improve the user experience. Not long ago, Your Phone received controls for quick settings, such as do not disturb mode, silent mode, music, and Bluetooth. Now, there is a new connection status indicator that shows whether your phone is connected to the app or not.

Your Phone now allows you to change phone settings in the app

Microsoft starts rolling out a fresh update to the Your Phone app that brings additional controls over your smartphone. In addition to the status indicators, which include the battery level, cellular signal strength, and Wi-Fi icons, you can now access Quick Settings directly from the app. Similar to control center apps smartphones have, there are four new toggles above the app's main menu, enabling you to turn on or off Do Not Disturb, Silent mode, or Bluetooth, and launch the default music app. 

Windows 10 Your Phone app can now display your phone contacts

How to Turn On or Off Show Contacts in Your Phone app in Windows 10

With the latest update, the built-in Your Phone app in Windows 10 is able to fetch your address book from the linked smartphone. Finally, it will allow you to display and manage the contact list from your Android phone on your Windows 10 PC.

Your Phone will warn you when closing multiple windows

Microsoft is working hard on the built-in Your Phone app and regularly adds features to help users to take most of the app. One more change is on the way to the app users. It will soon show a confirmation when the user tries to close multiple app windows.

Your Phone Notifications gets a new pinning feature

Starting in Windows 10 Build 20221, the Your Phone app has a new pinning feature integrated with the notifications feed. With notifications pinning, you can easily pin to save important notifications that will stick to the top of your feed so they are readily accessible and distinguished from the rest of your notifications.

Your Phone’s Android apps on Desktop feature is now generally available

Recently, Microsoft introduced the ability to 'stream' Android apps from the linked smartphone. Initially available to Insiders, the feature is now generally available, but still remains exclusive to Samsung phones.

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