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Winget 1.3 Preview is now available with experimental features

Earlier this month, Microsoft released Windows Package Manager (also known as winget) version 1.2.10271. The release brought new features and improvements but also disabled some experimental capabilities. Now Microsoft is back with a new preview version of winget. Windows Package Manager 1.3.432 Preview is available for Windows Insiders in the Dev channel, plus Windows Package Manager Insiders. Continue reading

Opera now lets you open websites using only emojis in the address bar

Web3, crypto, NFTs, and other buzzwords are insanely popular right now, which means companies want to ride the hype train and get as much profit as they can by implementing questionable capabilities in their products. Opera, for example, recently introduced Opera Crypto Browser Project (because why not), and now the company has announced a partnership with Yat (a service that sells emoji-based domain names) to let people use emojis as website addresses. Because all cool kids use emojis, right? Continue reading

Edge is getting native Outlook integration

In June 2021, Microsoft released its official Outlook extension in the Edge Add-ons Store. The add-on lets you read and create emails from a small popup available on any web page. It also supports calendars and tasks from Microsoft To Do. In October 2021, the Outlook extension arrived in the Chrome Web Store. Now Microsoft wants to integrate the project directly into its Edge browser. Continue reading